Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mail Month - A Challenge

Who loves opening their mail box to mail? I know I do...not so much the bill kind of mail, but the card, or the box or the "I was thinking of you and wanted to mail you a letter to let you know" kinda mail.

My friend Marla came up with this wonderful idea to make January Mail Month. I know for me January is probably my most depressing month. How can it not be. Basically Thanksgiving through Christmas is the best time of year for me, I get mail everyday (and it's not bills!), I get to see family and friends, sing in an awesome Christmas program, celebrate Christmas and then boom, it's all gone. Everyone has stopped sending Christmas cards, stopped being around my house, their clean up to be done, and it just because saddening for me. January is kinda just a sad month (for me anyways.)

So I am going to join my friend Marla and send out mail to people. It may be nothing more than a little note  card with some hand written words and verse, or maybe a little trinket or something, but I know for me, going to the mail box to find something I never expected or ordered is just so darn awesome. It's good for me to know that people are thinking about me and want me to have something just because. So I can only imagine how my friends and family would feel if I send them something just because.

Consider joining me in this. Make it fun, but not overly expensive - the point is to light up other's faces with your kind and encouraging words or a thoughtful find, not to purchase some big ticket item.

Like Marla, I am not giving myself a goal (i.e. send out something every day, writing everyone I know a note...) nope, I am going to follow God's lead on this. One week I may send out 4 or 5 things, the next 2, just where ever God places someone on my heart or mind. 

Hopefully if nothing else, this will make my January more positive, knowing that I am encouraging and loving others to me is sometimes more fulfilling then them doing it to me (sometimes - but I wouldn't be upset with mail!).

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year! Here's to an awesome 2011~


Marla Taviano said...

What a wonderful idea. ;)

Terri's creations said...

love the idea, would love to do as well, i love to get mail

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea!!! :-)