Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mission Skinny Deni

Welcome to the first installment of Mission Skinny Deni on this blog. I had tried to keep a 2nd blog, but I just couldn't keep up with here I am, doing a post on here. 

I am still currently on Weight Watchers and I have lost 23 lbs in 4 months. It was 25, but I gained 2 pounds back meh! I am not surprised though as I kind of fell off track and just allowed myself to enjoy food over thanksgiving. Plus I haven't been putting the effort in to working out.

Monday, Weight Watcher's launched a new points plan. All the others are no obsolete (annoying!). Rather than counting calories, fat and fiber, we are not counting carbs, fat, fiber and protein. There are new daily and weekly points targets (mine are 29 a day and 49 a week). I am not sure I like it yet. It emphasizes eating whole foods, more fruits and veggies (which are all now 0 points), lean proteins, less bread, less pasta... It's definitely not how I like to eat. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE fruit and veggies, just not on a daily basis. I prefer cooked veggies to raw a majority of the time. Also, I am huge pasta, carbs kinda not having it as much is hard. 

I am planning to keep giving this program a try (we will see how my weight loss goes). If I don't see much progress or anything within the next couple of weeks, chances are I will be changing how I do things. I, personally, do better counting calories rather than the other things we are now looking at. My husband and I have talked a lot and it is likely that we will have me switch to Spark People, generally the same thing though I don't have to pay for it. 

I am enjoying this new body of mine. I can wear things I never thought I could (leggings, jeggings, nicer shirts!) I feel so much better about myself and I feel healthier. Though, I do still need my chocolate occasionally! Who doesn't?

So I am not at 186.6 - down from my starting weight of 209. So that's good! 

Here's to pushing onward!


Anonymous said...

DO you pay to do this? Where do you find all the materials?

Anonymous said...

I just started following "Mission Skinny Deni", so now I'll be following you here. It is hard trying to keep up with 2 blogs.

Good luck on your weight loss journey!