Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 10 of 2010 - Dress Up!

I have a huge confession to make - ready?

I am a girl and love clothes, shoes and accessories!

Ok, you can pick yourself up off the floor now from this radical statement! Wait. a. minute - you're still sitting there, did this not surprise you? Ok, ok, I kid, but in all seriousness, here is my top 10 dress up (clothes, shoes, accessories, ect) of 2010! In no particular order of course....

1) Jeggings
I have 2 pairs currently and I wear them a lot, in fact, I am wearing one today. I love them, and I love my legs in them! And I love them with boots!

2) Boots (I own)

This pair I am wearing are definitely one of my favorites, but I own several pair of boots...I have some that our houndstooth and short that I wear alot, I also have some basic "slipper" brown ones that I wear a lot too. Not to mention my dress up ones...and I have more that I want!

3) Sweater Vest Thingy
By far one of my favorite things I own, I wear it a lot.

4) Miche Bag

These are super cool. You purchase a plan old base...then you by shells that are magnetic. That way you can have a ton of different purses, but the same shell. I think these are awesome and I really really want one for Christmas *hint hint hunny*

5) Cute Socks
I only wear socks in the winter when I have to, most the time I prefer bare feet, but when I do wear socks, you won't catch me (unless I am working out) in socks that aren't cute. I prefer to go to target and by them at $1 a pair! LOVE!

6) Things that have a peacock or peacock feathers on it.
This is just one example. It's actually on my amazon wish list! I have always loved peacocks. Maybe because my dad always told me I was pretty as a peacock. Or maybe because they are simply beautiful, either way, they are a fav. of mine, as are their feathers! I have a head ban that has a peacock feather it that I love and wear at times.

7) Boots (I want)
Again, have I mentioned I love boots? Because I do. This happens to be a pair that's on my amazon wish list that I really want. So stinking cute!

8) My Indiana University Sweatshirt
I mostly wear around the house, lest I be thrown out of Columbus for not supporting OSU....but I love it, and I love it's color. No one need worry about me wearing read and confusing anyone!

9) Flats
I love a good pair of flats, in the summer I wear either these or flip flops....I just had to toss out my most favorite black pair because I wore them till they had holes!

10) Necklaces
The one pictured above is a favorite of mine that I saw, but never purchased (I kick myself when I think about it.) I love any necklaces really...this one was special because while Parker was in the NICU I called him my tiny turtle, now while I am not a huge fan of real turtles, I do love a cute turtle necklace or toy.

What about you, what are your top 10 dress up items?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh- I want all the boots you posted lol! I am obsessed, but I only have one pair. :-( I also want a pair of jeggings! I have some skinnies that I adore, but I here jeggings are so much more comfy! Where did you get yours?

Marla Taviano said...

I'm a girl and I HATE to dress up. :)