Sunday, January 30, 2011

Here we go!

So as I stated the other day, I am going to joining A Bowl Full of Lemons on a weekly challenge in organizing/cleaning! Each week on Sunday I will make a brief post sharing this weeks challenge, my thoughts/hopes/ect on the subject and link it to ABFL so that you too can join in. What I think I will do is plan to have it done by Friday, weekends I need to just be and I don't typically blog - which is why Sunday's will be short.

So this week is a Family Management Binder - mine will certainly be different than what ABFL uses, but I guess it's the point, it needs to work for me, ya know?!

For more on the idea and to join check out: A Bowl Full of Lemons to see the "rules" and to link up!

Here's to managing myself and my family - I Hope! Can't wait! I even have a super super cute binder - look below :)

P.S. Disregard the green on my face! Today my church had a 4th anniversary party afterwards and I got my face painted!

P.P.S I got my binder at Target, I am not going to tell you how long it took me to pick it out or how I did (eenie meanie miney mo anyone???) I had about 4 I loved, this one won - I am I am ok with that! :)

So here we go - week 1 challenge begins today! I hope you consider joining in!!!


Amanda said...

wow love your cute binder!!

Amanda said...

It is a cute binder! I had mine at home already but it's going to take me an age to decide on the papers to put inside!

Toni said...

Very cute post. Thanks for taking the challenge!

Anonymous said...

I need to go check out A Bowl for A Lemons! I want to join! LOVE your binder by the way! I have to go to Target later, so I will have to pick one up!!

Vanessa said...

Good job, looks like you are well on your way. Check out mine