Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's Get Organized, Organized

Anyone remember that song from Olivia Newton John - you know the one - "let's get physical, physical..." yah that tune is stuck in my head, but rather than getting physical I am singing, "let's get organized, organized."

I don't know if my pictures yesterday made it apparent, but boy is my apartment in need of some serious de cluttering and organization. I really need to just take the time and make a plan and get on an organizing train and organize the heck out of this place.

I follow several organizing blogs through blogger and one of my favs is hosting a Weekly Mini Challenge for organizing. Please meet: A Bowl full of Lemons! I just started following her, but she just finished up a 21 day big organizing challenge (like pantry, living room, kitchen . . .) and now will be hosting the mini challenge starting this Sunday January 30th. Each Sunday she will post the challenge and during the following week, those who wish to participate can post - it can be one post at the end of the week saying here's where I started, here's where I am. Or it can be a post each day to show progress...however works best for you. Some example challenges are:

Organizing your Craft Room
Creating a Recipe Binder
Organizing your Bookshelves
Cleaning out and organizing your garage
Making a home management binder
Menu Plan....and a ton more!

I personally am super excited! Though I may not do each week (after all I have no garage or craft room) I am thinking that even some of these small things can be a big deal! Anything to make this apartment of mine feel some what house-ly and organized. 

So who's with me? To join and for a more in depth post with rules, guidelines, ect check out A Bowl full of Lemons.  I don't think you can go wrong with this! 

Would love to have some of my blogging friends join!!!

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Samantha said...

Just following you from 'A bowl full of lemons'. I'm going to join in the weekly challenges aswell and I would like to see what other people are doing to organise their homes. I would love it if you would follow me too at
It will be great if we all give each other encouragement.