Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MSD: Start Over Week

Welcome to the first Mission Skinny Deni post of '11! I am not truly deeming this week one as I am just kinda getting things pulled together or have been, so technically me week 1 post will be next wednesday. This is kind of a where I've been, base line setting, round up of what's ahead post!

First and for most...I am bound and determined to get the rest of this weight off of my lowest I had lost 25 lbs, I am currently hovering at a 22 lb. weight loss and really only gained about 3 lbs over the holidays...which is pretty good. I've been in a plateau stage for a while now...partially because I know they happen, partially because I haven't been disciplined at all.

But things are different now.

I am starting my weight loss journey up again. I am still kinda using Weight Watchers, mostly to copy some information I want before I officially stop using them (saving $$ not using them will be nice!). I have started an account at Spark People and will be using them to track from now on. I was not happy with the WW changes (as you all know) and while I am not counting points I am still doing the basic health stuff on SP as I had been on WW. My name on spark people is denidoo82 if you want to find me! I am looking forward to it.

In working out news, I am trying really hard at getting disciplined there as well. Starting on Monday I have worked out every day right after I put Parker down (and will tonight too.) I am not sure if it will be an every night or every morning deal, but I will figure it out. I am trying to keep track of working out by rewarding myself a star sticker on my calendar. It may seem silly, but I feel accomplished looked at the stars knowing I did it.

So here is where we are starting out:
*Monday Jan. 3 Weigh In - 189
*end goal weight: 130 lbs
*total to lose: 59lbs

Nutrition Info:
Daily Calorie Intake Allowed - 1200 - 1500
Daily Carb intake allowed - 163 - 236
Daily Fat intake allowed - 32-56
Daily Protein Allowed - 60-127

Here we go!

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