Monday, February 7, 2011

Changes to the Blog

Ok readers a couple of notes for you:

1) I am planning on renaming this blog...not sure to what yet so if you have any name suggestions, let me are some things to help... I think I either want to incorporate me nickname (Deni) or my last name (Northern). My thoughts have been: "My Northern Life", "Deni Dishes", "The Northern Nest" - I don't have my heart set on any of these...I am not sure I love them. So if you know me well and think you have a thought on my blog name that doesn't include my first or last name) (like for example - "Our House") let me know. And if you have any thoughts that would include those, let me know...I don't want it too long and I want it catch.

2) I plan to make a new header too soon...

3) I want to give you, my readers, nick names (like a blog I read calls us her lovies for example). Any thoughts on that, let me know.

Ok...I don't think this will happen for at least another week...but just wanted to get it out there.

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