Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Neighbors

Dearest Neighbors,

I am writing because I feel it necessary to share with you the importance of teaching your kids respect, appropriate language, and kindness. See I have a 2 year old that loves to watch your older kids play, but I almost would rather he not - what with the language coming out of their mouth, the rude things they say to each other, the way they don't respect other peoples things, ect. Plus, you don't seem to supervise them, so what am I to do?

I'd really appreciate it if you taught them to not say words like "shut up stupid," or "you're gay" or my favorite from an early elementary aged kid, "you're an a**". You see, because, 2 year olds are very impressionable and will repeat things that are said. The last thing I want my son to say to anyone is "you're an a**." I also don't want to be the one to yell out the window to not say that. If you are going have your kids play outside, supervise them.

Also, see, last summer, your children took it upon themselves to break one of my son's toys. How do I know it was them? Well, we left them out by our door, the kids watched us put them there, then we came back less than an hour later and his bubble wands were BOTH broken into several pieces. Not to mention when one of your children decided it fun to destroy my tomato plant. Sure you apologized - kind of....

I just think if you are going to be a parent and you really need to teach your children to be respectful. MY son is 2 and says please, thank you, God bless you...your children, they call each other names, they cuss, they hit each other and I see you do nothing about it. Also, please understand that when you live in an apartment complex, that means you share walls, grounds, parking with other people. I don't think that it is ok for your child to come to our porch, touch my son's toys and even break them. Teach them to respect people's personal spaces...please. And don't blare your music so loud.

All I am trying to say is have a little understanding that you share these living spaces with others and please work with your children to help them to grow up into kind responsible adults...

That all,

Denise :)

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