Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

Despite the rumors going around:
 - I did not have to sit up with Parker all night while he was sick and crying!
 - I did not spend 2 hours on Saturday grocery shopping for 2 weeks of food at three different stores and only spend 102 dollars!
 - I did not go out with my friend the other night for coffee and become an assistant organizer of the meet up group I am in.
 - I am not the biggest worry wart in the whole world.
 - I did not drive 10 over the speed limit on my way back from Cincinnati and get tail gated and yell at other drivers, even if they couldn't hear me. 
 - I did not plan a menu for 3 hours the other day (but did I mention that it wasn't worth it!) 
 - My cat did not eat chicken I had thawed for Chicken Tortilla Soup...
 - My son is not able to hold his head up and scoot across the floor. 
 - My son did not puke on 4 of my shirts in one day.
 - I am not currently sitting here eating a pork chop and hash brown casserole. 
 - I am not obsessed with reality tv, I swear I am not. 
 - I am not currently organizing helping with the Patches of Light charity and not trying to figure out a family to adopt for the holidays!
 - I did not rip a hole in my favorite pair of pants.
 - I am not a fan of the Colts and because of that am not sad that they are having a terrible season.
 - I promise I am not ending this so I can got to the potty since nature is calling :)

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Michelle said...

Dang you are a supreme shopper!