Monday, October 20, 2008

A Leap of Faith

I hope you are sitting down for this because I have something very important that I must reveal to you right now....My name is Denise and unfortunately I am human and have fears! On of my biggest fears/struggles is being a leader. Talk about being WAY out of my comfort-zone. But recently God has really been pushing me to step out of the zone and has been renewing within me an amazing spirit. 

This is the convo that started it all...or well, kind of the conversation I had with God: 
G: "Hey Denise, guess what, it's time you cross that line and jump on in to this new venture."
M: " Um, God, really? I mean, this is a huge fear and I am not into conquering a fear right now."
G: "I understand, but you say you trust me and you have put your hope in me, don't you trust me enough to lead you and guide you in this?"
M: " Of course I trust you God, but this is a huge fear and I am not ready and I just am not sure I will be ok, I am just not re-a-d-..."
G: "Denise, you can't half trust me, do you FULLY trust me? Will you put your life in my hands? Think about it, did I let you down with Parker. You trusted me then, why not with this?"
M: "Yes, and I appreciate how well you have taken care of my precious boy, but I am scared."
G: "Will you trust me and let me lead you?"
M: "You know what God, Yes, I haven't let me down thus I go..."

I jumped in and am now stepping out of my comfort zone. I have taken on a leadership roll in my mommy meet up group as an assistant organizer and I am loving every minute of it. I am in charge of charity events for my group and working on how to appropriately discuss things with the charities (I am bad at phone talking!) I am planning on stepping into a role at church again, working in the toddler room and planning structure for that room (can I tell you how THRILLED I AM?) God is really pushing me in all of these and I am taking the plunge with an open heart and while I am scared and timid...I am ready for this. I am looking forward to working with a charity in my life group and now with my mommy group. 

It's so funny how God works. I mean really...He is so cool like that. And I am thrilled to be "growing up." One of the charities near and dear to my heart is March of Dimes and I want to show Parker a spirit of giving, which isn't to say I am not a giving person, but I am always so scared and timid, but now, I feel like I can truly show Parker how special you can fill when giving to others and being willing to stand up for what you believe in (and at this point the Veggie Tales song "Stand Up" runs through me head....) 

I can't wait to see what God has planned. Pray for me on my journey! Tuesday's Tips tomorrow...stay tuned, you will love it!


Ali said...

Rock on!

Dad Northern said...

Go for it, Denise. We're so very proud of you for taking this step of faith. As always, let us know if there's anything we can do.

Dad Northern