Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scattered Brain

I am at a loss for anything horribly important to talk about today so I am going to make this a scattered post.

 - I can't believe my little critter is going to be 5 months next week. How on earth did he get so old? I adore my son, more than I ever thought I could have. I always knew I would love my children, but whoa baby is this love deep! He astounds me more and more each day. He laughed the other day for the first time, it was amazing...hasn't really done it sense, but he sure smiles a ton. He holds his head up well and I who knows if he is going to start crawling soon, he sure acts like it. Also, I think he is working on sitting up some! I had him on my lap and let go and he sat there for a couple moments before falling forward (no worries, I made sure my hands were there in case he went back! Thinking back to the day he was born, so little, so perfect, a 2lb blessing, now he is so big, so perfect and has tremendously smelly diapers! My little 8lb stinker :)

- I am so excited, today I found out that the FLOWER FACTORY is now doing membership for anyone and it's free. It used to be just businesses and you could get it through your place of employment, or an organization you were a part of. And now for a limited time, they are offering it to anyone. I am going to go in tomorrow or Friday and get it and look around! Oh man am I pumped, it's where we got my baby shower stuff and I got my cafe mocha kitchen clock there!!!

 - My play group is going to help a charity out this winter. It's called Patches of Light and we are going to do their hug bags. I am getting really excited. I think it's a great outreach! I think we may also try to adopt a family for christmas, I need to look into that more.

- I just found out that National Free Burrito Day at Chipotle is Oct. 31-Nov. 1. I am going to be in Indiana, but there has to be a Chipotle in the area we can go to! And all you need is to wear something made out of foil...I am thinking a necklace!

- I am getting really excited for Friday! First, in the morning, I am going to the Open Gym at the Dublin Rec Center. I get to see my friends from church and hang out and talk. Yah, Parker is a bit small, but it nothing else, it's a great time to just connect with others. And then later that night I am going bowling with the mommies in my play group. A mom's night out! I am looking forward to it and my friend Jen is watching Parker!

I am going to bid you a fond ado and enjoy some Gilmore Girls!

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Renee C. said...

I think there's a Chipotle in Ft. Wayne down the road from Glenbrook - I'm not a hundred percent on that, you'll probably want to look it up, but I think I remember one there the last time I was in Ft. Wayne.