Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday's Tips

Useful Websites:
Today on Tuesday's tips, I am going to give you some links to some websites that I find helpful/useful. These are ones I use for different reasons and I love them, so enjoy! 

Allrecipes - I adore this site. I found my pumpkin cookie recipe here and I get daily emails with recipes in them. For me, since I do menu planning and often am looking for something different (because I can only eat the normals - hamburgers, pasta, pizza ect - so much). I just signed up for this site and I already am loving the recipes!

Coupon Suzy - Who doesn't want to save money? Well here is an easy way to do that. Just go to the website, decide which coupons you want, select and print! I use this a lot when I forget to pick up the Sunday paper (it typically has coupons). I end up saving quite a bit too!

Easy Cleaning - This site has a ton of useful information for people like me who sometimes get super overwhelmed by keeping their house clean and organzied. Now, don't get my wrong, it's not like my house is a mess, I mean, I can actually walk with out stepping on junk, but sometimes I look at messes and think, WHY????? This site has awesome checklists, home hints, organizing tools and so many fun and helpful things!

Baby Center - I know this may seem silly, but I love this site. Anytime I have a question related to Parker, I am on there looking for answers. When I was pregnant and wasn't sure something was normal, I was on there looking for answers. It's been very useful for me!

so, now that I have shared some of my sites I love, what about you, what ones do you go to for help?


Ali said...

LOVE allrecipes - I use it exclusively. I'm gonna check out Easy Cleaning..

Carrie said...

Thanks for thet tips! I use baby center a lot, too, and momcafe is a good one, too- the forums were really helpful with Zachary's acid reflux.

As far as the cleaning, I will check out Easy Cleaning now. Enjoy not stepping on stuff now, because once Parker gets mobile, you will be tripping over EVERYTHING. All of my Tupperware bowls, his board books, his toys are CONSTANTLY on the floor. But it's fun! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for the links.....I'm going to check them all out!