Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disney's Issue with Mom's?

My friend and I were discussing this at thanksgiving, and I just saw a post on tweetmom's about it. But what's with Disney and mom's. Think about it:

Finding Nemo - mom dies
Cinderella - mom is evil
Bambi - mom dies
Beauty and the Beast - no mention of a mom
Snow white - evil mom
Ratatouille - no mention of mom
Little Mermaid - only a dad
Aladdin - no mom mentioned

Weird....did anyone else notice this. Anyone else have any movies that are Disney where mom is not mention, dead, ect? What are your theories!

Maybe Disney has something against mom's!


Anonymous said...

that's sad...we should write a movie about how a wonderful mom and dad take care of their precious miracle baby and live happily ever after :)

Denise said...

Ha, like you know someone like that or something ;)

Violet said...

my friend and I noticed this too. We were saying we really like the incredibles because it does have an entire family structure.

I know Walt Disney himself had a pretty horrific childhood, maybe his mom wasn't nice to him???

Sleeping Beauty had a Mom and Dad, but, she had to be taken away from them. Mulan has a Mom, The Lion king, the Dad is the one that is killed off, WEndy from Peter Pan has a Mom, Dumbo has a Mom and no Dad (although that whole movie is kind of disturbing)

Pocahontas does not have a mom (Mom died).

Looking at a list there are plenty of modern movies with both parents, many aren't cartoon one's thought.

Lesley said...

Is winnie the pooh 'disney'? Because Roo has a very nice mom :)