Saturday, November 29, 2008


Wow.....this just give you a perspective!

May 29th 2008 - Newborn (2lbs 3ozs)

Nov. 2008 - almost 6 months old (9lbs 13ozs)

It makes me want to cry!


Carrie said...

Wow, Denise- he has grown SOOO much. What a blessing that he is so healthy & such a good baby for you!!! My little Z is turning ONE on Friday- and I can't believe it- I'm a fountain of unbelieving tears this week, that's for sure! :) I guess time flies when you're having fun! :)

Marla Taviano said...

Praise our awesome God! That is so incredible! He is fabulously cute!

Ali said...

Hi, sweet Parker. Sorry that I was running around with my head chopped off today - wish I could have loved on you!

4cunninghams said...

Wow! He has grown so much! What a miracle baby!