Thursday, November 6, 2008

Toddler Thoughts

Oh man am I getting super excited about the toddler room at church. My mind is a mess (a great big awesome mess) of ideas and I am just giddy! I am hoping to come up with a name for the room. Preschool is Base Camp, K-5th is The Climb, I believe the Middle school is The Rapids (Our church name is Vista...mountains - a beautiful view!) And now that we are having some form of structure in the room I want to give the room a name. I just don't really know what. I was thinking like maybe The Fireflies? It's kind of hard to come up with if anyone has any mountain references, let me know! 

I am just getting so excited. I am glad to be back in my element at church and working with these kids I just adore so much. Did I mention that I love the parents of these kiddos too, because I do! I meet tomorrow with my friend Amber to discuss the road set for the toddler room! 

If you all could pray for Parker and I, we both have colds, mine, I am convinced is about to kill me! My throat hurts and I am so tired! Parker's isn't terrible, just the threat of RSV of course, but he should be just fine! 

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Ali said...

Praying for your colds! Few ideas for toddlers: The Valley, Vista Camp, Mount Vista, The Hike, I don't know, I'm just starting to brainstorm.