Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to Normalcy

Well, my in-laws are gone and life is somewhat back to normal now. I had a great time having them here and spending time with them, cooking, talking, laughing, watching tv, seeing them interact with Parker, it all was great. But I am glad to be back to some form of normalcy. Our house is a wreck, I need to clean, organize, figure out where to put all this new stuff! But it is all a small price to pay for a good Christmas!

Yesterday we were able to go out and spend Parker's Christmas money. I got him a bath tub (finally!), more nipples, and a new cover for his changing table pad and Target rip-off Robeez (granted they don't fit, but he will get there). I am just so glad to have a bath tub for him now! It will make life easier! We also were able to get a blender for Drew and I that I will use when I start making our own baby food and a book called Super Baby Food. Once I get through this weekly new food thing, I want to make my own. My kid LOVES sweet potatoes and today, today we tried peas for the first's a winner too! I still can't get him to like cereal really. Personally, I don't blame him, the stuff is horribly bland (yes I have tasted it!)

Parker is our of newborn clothes now and is finally in 0-3 months! This kid is just growing like crazy! He has so many new toys to play with, I need to get into organizing them!

I am really struggling to figure out what to use my christmas money on (this is what my family sends - makes it easier). I have an amazon list, but I don't really want to buy it for myself. I got the blender and the book, because that is important to me. I have other things I need, like jeans, clothes, undies, socks....but I wanted so bad to use the money of things I don't need but want...haha! I know one thing I will use it on is a zoo membership! Maybe a movie or two or something. I don't know. I am so indecisive!

Anyways, I guess I am just glad to be back to normal. I have some recuperating to do, I am worn out, sleepy, and feel icky today! i look forward to a quiet final week of 08!

Pictures to come later! (Check out my facebook for them if you haven't already!)


Carrie said...

I made all my own baby food too- and a friend lent me that Super Baby Food book- it's really helpful! And you can save SOOO much money!!! As far as the cereal, I never had a problem getting Z to like it...but you could mix it with formula or mix some in with the veggies/fruits- I did that almost all the time after Z started eating baby food! He still eats it when I mix it with other food or make it with juice (don't know if Parker can have juice yet, though). :) Glad you're doing well!!! :)

Ali said...

Yes! We are renewing our zoo membership with Christmas money, too!