Friday, December 26, 2008

What A Christmas

Hello Friends!

I hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas (or Hanukah, Kwanzaa...ect)! Ours has been very interesting. I have a ton of photos, but they are in need of being dumped off the camera! So those I will work on posting later (mostly on my facebook with a few of my favs on here!)

My favorite in-laws (well my only ones!) made it on Tuesday afternoon. We were able to just relax that night and they got some great time with Parker. Wed, mom (well Drew's mom) and I went out grocery shopping to get all we needed for dinner on Christmas. We spent about 2 hours at the grocery. I think the funniest part was when we were purchasing wine for the turkey! Well anyways, neither of us drink (I only like wine in food!) so we are standing there like uhhhhh....well I knew I needed white wine and I knew my friend used white Zin, so we found one and bought it. But it was funny, take the two most unlikely people and put us in the middle of the wines...and we are lost! We got home and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Hallmark movies! That evening we went to Vista's Christmas Eve Candlelight Service! It was amazing! On the way home, me, mom and Parker were in my car and Drew and dad were in his. Well, wouldn't you know, Drew's car decides to stop working....30 minutes later AAA was there to help them and I was on my way to pick them up. It wasn't how we had planned things, but thankfully his parents are here and willing to help out in any way necessary.

Christmas morning we woke up and opened Parker's presents. He loved the paper...and actually got into tearing it was so cute! He got some great gifts, books, toys, rattles, a couple of things for when he starts walking. Mommy needs to organize it all! I got some fun things too, I love the gift that Drew got me, a bunch of bath things and some warm fuzzy socks! I also really liked the shirts I got too! It was fun and Parker watch us all unwrap our gifts. I made our meal, turkey - I have never cleaned or prepped a turkey before so I wanted to take it on! Ok, how GROSS is it that you have to reach inside them and pull out the giblet packs? I felt like I was invading it's personal space and I know now that I could never be an OB/GYN!!! EWWW, but my turkey came out awesome...really tender, fall off the bone tender....mmmmmmm! We also made sweet potato pies, sugar cookies, stuffing, ect. It was a great meal. We also spent most of the day watching Hallmark movies. Can I just say I am horribly addicted to the movies!! Drew and I went out on a date to see Marley and Me....GREAT movie - the ending is so sad and I would agree with the people on good morning america that said if you have kids, take them out of the movie for the last 30 minutes! I basically cried that entire time, plus most of the way home.

Today is to be relaxed. I refuse to go out today as I am not in the mood for the busyness of the day after Christmas. Tonight is game night and tomorrow we plan to go out and do some shopping...spending some of our money and meeting Drew for lunch!

All in all, it's been a great Christmas! Hope yours was good too!

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