Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Writing Assignment!

One Crafty Mama has been doing this each week and this week I decided to go ahead and do it myself. For the rules head over to Mama's Losin' It! Sounds like fun, so here I go!

My Worst Dentist Experience EVER!!!
(although I actually have two!)

- The first one is just a dentist that really upset me as a little kid. He basically yelled at me for chewing gum and told me my teeth would fall out because they would get stuck to it. Can I tell you how long it took me to chew gum after that?

- The main one was when I got my wisdom teeth out. They gave me these pills I had to take like 5 hours was something to the affect of I had to take one the night before, one 3 hours before, one 2 hours before, one an hour before and then one at the office. Basically the medicine was to start sedating me. Well, I guess (this is what I hear, but I can remember things here and there) while I was at the dentist, they had to carry me in because I was so loopy that I could not walk. I was laughing really hard. At one point I was waiting in the waiting room and I was laughing and banging my head on the wall, falling out of the chair, saying my grandma was going to yell at me. I got home and was horribly sick for three days, I couldn't eat anything really for several days and my gums were swollen for a good couple weeks. I am convinced that something was done wrong. I haven't been to that dentist since. My grandma says that he messed up but wouldn't admit it.

Enjoy your writing assignment!


Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

No, nothing was wrong... you just had your wisdom teeth pulled...

I did the same thing... except I sang A chorus Liine songs.

Great post!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

The smell of the dentist office is enough to make me cry!

Renee C. said...

That sounds like an awful experience with that dentist told you that gum would stick to your teeth when you were a kid! Yikes!

Wisdom teeth just are no fun. I discovered codeine makes me incredibly sick when I had mine taken out. It sounds like you definitely had a very bad experience with the wisdom teeth!