Monday, January 19, 2009

The Bachelor

Was anyone else THRILLED when Natalie went home??? I love how she got so mad about it and defensive. But I think Jason did right by her, rather than to drag her on.

It cracks me up how many of these women keep saying..."I am so ready to be a mom." or "I am so ready to have kids" I don't think I would continually repeat that to him. After a while, it starts to get old.

So my top three?

1) Stephanie - I just adore her!

2) Jillian - I think she is super sweet and honest and open.

3) Melissa - *clears throat* yes, I am finally admitting that I like her...and personally, from what I hear, I am pretty sure she is the one he picks...though I still want him to pick Stephanie over all....

Ok, I should go to bed, I have a busy day tomorrow and I am still sick. I get to go hang out with Jennielle and help her out with dinner and such. Poor gal!

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow....and that regardless of your like/dislike for president - elect Obama that you realize at least that tomorrow is a historic day.


Mama Kat said...

I haven't heard that he picks Melissa in the end. I like her...but those rumors are usually wrong.

When's DeAnna coming???

auntmomo said...

I agree with your pics! Melissa is one of my favs :)