Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buffet 'O Me


BIG PRAYER REQUEST - my really good friend Jennielle is pregnant with her 3rd kiddo. She is 6.5 weeks and has been dizzy, fainted, lightheaded, shaking, ect....she went to the ER last night and they don't know what's up. She has to see a high risk dr. and has two toddlers and a working hubby. Right now, she can't do much at all! Poor girl...please pray for her. She has a long 9 months ahead!


I don't really have one thing to say today...I have a little bit of everything to share with you all today. So feel free to grab a plate and get a little bit of everything of my buffet.

If you could take the time and pray for some people for me, I would greatly appreciate it. First, please pray for Logan, Parker's really life birthday sharing preemie buddy. He is back in the hospital, has to have another surgery and his mom is getting frustrated because it seems the doctors are kind of over looking some things that T. has been studying herself. He is having surgery tomorrow and I am planning to be there with her so she isn't alone. Also, please continue to pray for sweet baby Harper, you can stop by her mom's blog: Kelly's Korner. Also, came across another blog today of another little guy that could use our prayers, his name is Brayden and is just a few days old and having lung issues. Please stop by his mommy's blog: Jenny's Journey.

Second - Hey Mama's
I think I am doing something wrong when I make Parker's food. We are starting that process and I made him some carrots which, when he had them last week I couldn't scoop into his mouth fast enough. Well when I went to feed them to him, he like gagged on them and spit them out. I thought I pureed them really well, but they are a different texture (a little chunkier - if you will) then the ones you can buy from gerber....should I do more to make them smoother? If so, how? Also, any suggestions helping Parker with his eczema? I have been using cortizone on it, but I swear, this weather is killing his skin. Also, how do I make applesauce? Do I like cook the apples so they are tender and then puree them with water? I am so confused sometimes when it comes to these new things with Parker.

Third - A Few Addictions - as of late
Anyone else ever heard of confessions of a teen idol, it's on VH1? I think it's really good. Also, I hate to admit this but I like this season of The Bachelor, I swore that I would never watch it because it is a waste of time...but for whatever reason this season I am glued to the tv! P.S. at this point, I must be the only person who is not in love with pick is Stephanie!

Ok, the buffet is done. Hope you are all well! :)


Kathy Hardison said...

Morgan Kate's dr. recommended using olive oil on her ezcema. Maybe that will help. MK's grandmother from Orangeburg SC

Carrie said...

Denise, as far as the baby food goes, I had to re-puree some of the first foods I made for Zachary- I think it was peas, specifically, because they weren't soft enough. Just thaw them out & add a little more water & puree them longer in the blender - you may have to do less carrots at a time or something. Also, with applesauce, I peeled & cooked my apples until they were soft & then pureed them. Email me if you have more questions! :)

Also, about eczema...Z has some scaly dry patches on his back & upper that eczema? I've just noticed them & started lotion but I haven't called the dr. yet. :(

Mom Northern said...

Just read your baby food questions and I had similar thoughts to Carrie's. Take a taste of the Gerber carrots and compare it to your rendition and you may get an idea about what Parker is perceiving as differences. I think he will get used to your version and prefer it soon; hang in there!! You're doing a good job.