Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Prayer Updates

1) Logan...had surgery yesterday on his shunt. They had to replace his shunt. The vein it was in was pretty much shot, so they replaced the shunt and put it in to another vein. He came home today. I am so so glad!!!

2) My friend Jennielle went to a perinatologist today. He wasn't concerned about her issues. Basically she is underweight and her body is having to work extra hard and that's where the light headedness, heart racing and almost fainting spells come from. She is going to stick with him. I myself will probably go to him when/if I get pregnant again since I am going to be a high risk pregnancy.

Thank you for praying for these two! It means the world to me!

Other than that...Harper and Brayden both still need prayers.

Also, please pray for Kayleigh, they got some hard news yesterday.

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Ali said...

Thanks for the updates!