Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Update

I don't really have much to share with you right now. It's not a bad thing, just not a lot to talk about. So this is going to be pretty random and not super long.

Let's see....what to share with you...?

- Parker continues to do well with solids. We have pears and green beans left to try and then he will have tried all Stage 1 foods. He's doing great. He really has only not like peas (I like them, but when they are mushed like that...I don't blame him!). Other than that, so far he's liked everything. And seriously, prunes look gross when turned into baby food. Are prunes dried plums? And along the food line, I continue to make baby food...my baby carrots didn't go over well, nor has my squash, but he loved my applesauce...and bananas. I enjoy making the baby food!

- Parker is also very very close to sitting up on his own. He can sit on his own for about 10-15 seconds...and then he falls over. Also, he is talking ALOT....he has a lot to say and he's very vocal. Also, he laughs a lot. He's hysterical!

- Yesterday we had a WIC appointment and he was weighed - 12 lbs 3ozs!!!! That is 4 x his birth weight! And he is 2 ft tall (24 inches). He's my big boy. Oh and he holds his own bottle some now too! He's just about into 3-6 month sized clothes.

- I am doing well for the most part. I have my good days and bad days, but the good days outnumber the bad! I have to admit though I am going through a "nobody likes me, I don't fit in" time currently. Like I said last night at life group, I certainly know deep down it's not true, but sometimes it takes awhile to really believe it. Parker gives me life and makes me really happy, so that's always good.

- On Saturday I was able to hang out with some girls from church. It was Miss America and my friend MK is close friends with Miss NY, they grew up together. So we got together for Miss Fabulous Vista Ridiculous Pageant. It was funny, I was Miss Not-So-Graceful! I didn't win, but it's ok, I had a blast. We enjoyed being judges and laughing and such.

- Drew is off this weekend so hopefully we can get some good time together.

- Oh and now for my thoughts on last nights Bachelor:
1. Lauren - I get that you were trying to be funny, but you really shouldn't demand a rose. Jason is an adult, he can make his own decisions and by telling him he had to give you a rose...you made yourself look bad not to mention, how rude. You don't demand those things!
2. Shannon - oh crazy ridiculous Shannon...you scare me. All I have to say to you is enjoy french kissing your dog and brushing your teeth.
3. Megan - your attitude was pretty sucky. I especially hated your personal interviews on the confession cam or whatever...the way in which you talked about others was very mean and I could not have been happier to see Jason send you home.
4. Nikki - self absorbed much? "I don't know how much smarter I can get....I don't know how much prettier I could get...." Yah and you wonder why you got sent home.

- I am pretty happy with the top 5. I really like Melissa - I will admit I didn't at first, but I do now. I hope he chooses her!!!

Ok well, off to watch Idol! Have a good one and for those in Ohio right now, stay warm! The snow is a falling!

OH and I have a prayer request, 4 people from my church are going to visit our orphanage in Cambodia, they fly out tomorrow. Pray for safe travels and safety while there.


Carrie said...

Wow, that's so great that Parker has grown so much! And that your baby food is going so well- isn't it fun to make??? Also, I never used prunes, I always used plums for Zachary. And they are the same fruit- prunes are just dried.

We definitely need to see a video of Parker talking & laughing- on here or on Facebook! :)

Mom Of Many said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for joining in the friends at A Place Called Simplicity.
Your little Parker is adorable! and I love the title: Musing from Mommyland!! Sweet stuff...

Love, Linn

giraffegirl524 said...

how do you make your baby food? i'd really like to do that, and switch to cloth diapers. i don't know exactly how to even start with making the baby food.. can you help?