Thursday, January 8, 2009

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My Fur Baby....

I grew up on a farm and we had more cats than you can shake a stick at. It started with one simple one, Andy and quickly spiraled out of control. Strays would show up and we couldn't just turn them the time I was married and leaving we had well over 10 cats (all outdoor cats!) I was never without an animal...I had hamsters, I had a dog, my brother had a rat at one point and then a hedgehog, my sister had a chinchilla, and my other brother had a bunny. We loved animals, so when I moved from that home and into my in-laws home after getting married...I went nuts. There were no animals it was quiet, I couldn't look out the window and see cats playing in the yard, my puppy wasn't there. Within a week of moving to Buffalo, I had talked Drew and his parents into letting my get a hamster. I needed something with fur, I was desperate here! By my birthday, 3 weeks later, I had talked with them and they were ok with me getting a cat. YAY!!!

So about a week after my birthday we went to one of the local rescue shelters. I had planned to get a kitten, but I quickly changed my mind. I walked around the "cat room" looking at each cat, I skipped over the older, bigger ones, I had no intentions of getting one, until I saw this beautiful grey cat....that was it, it was love at first site. We asked to take her out and play with her. The shelter had named her Geisha (no not as in Memoirs of a Geisha...we actually pronounce it Gee-sha). She was about 6 months old and she was beautiful, perfect.

We took her home with us, fully excited and ready to love on her. She was a true sweetheart. Our living room was in the basement so down there she stayed until we could get her declawed. Within about a week of her being home, she was being dropped off at the vet hospital to get her claws taken out. A few days later, she was home, we kept her in the basement until she was fully healed. Oh the fun we had with her little satellite dish on her neck. She wouldn't walk forward, nope, instead she was stuck in reverse. It was funny to watch. Once she was healed, she ruled the house...running up the stairs and down the stairs and up the stairs and down the stairs. And she was obsessed with the hamster Benji.

Here we are over 3 years later and oh the stories I have! Like, the first time we wanted to take her on a car trip. Bad idea. We were told we would have to sedate her, yah, that did not go over well. Within an hour of our trip we had decided to turn around and just leave her at home, making our 8 hour trip to indiana....more like 10. The next time we took her on a trip we didn't sedate her and she was totally fine. Geisha has an unhealthy obsession with plastic bags. When she was really little she would sleep in them. I could pick up the bag and carry her around. She still likes them, though now she prefers not to sleep in them. She used to LOVE to sleep on my neck or between my legs at night, now, she loved to stand on me and knead me. My cat hates outdoors. Oh, she acts like she wants to go outside, but as soon as you even attempt to her get out, she completely freaks out. The only truly weird thing is she will come out and sit on our back or front balcony with us.

I adore my daughter cat. She loves her brother, although most of the time she prefers to ignore him. When we brought him home, she was less than enthused. She wanted nothing to do with him, he'd cry, she'd hide, he'd be on my chest, she would ignore me completely. She did not want another human in this house. Though now she has completely warmed up to him. You may even catch her rubbing up against him on occasion!

She is bigger now, older, has gone through a lot of stages...from loving us, to hating us, to having no desire to be touched or held, to begging for it.

It's your turn!!!
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3.) Who was your first bloggy friend? How did you find each other? Do you still correspond?

4.) Tell us about your pet! If you have a weird infatuation with your dog or cat we want to hear about it (or if they just plain drive you crazy)...but please don't compare them to children. It's just not the same.

On two other notes.....

Please stop by Nate's site and wish his miracle baby, Gwyneth a happy 1 year birthday!!!

Also, please stop by Shannon's site and say a little prayer for her and her family, she is having heart surgery today.


blueviolet said...

She's really pretty and I love the picture of her sitting in the chair watching the cage!

jenn said...

Very cute. I would love to get a cat but I don't want to clean the litter box.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, what a cute kitty. I have a love hate relationship with cats. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. My daughter also complained about the neck brace. She couldn't get it off quick enough.