Sunday, April 5, 2009

Note the hair on the floor...

Yay, that big pile, right. over. there. You can thank teething for that. Seriously, I may need a little counseling or something thanks to this. Perhaps a trip to the funny farm would be a good thing.

I have had enough of the screaming, fussing, diarrhea, phlem, slobber, rash, eczema, screaming, crying, ickness that is teething - and this is only his first.

Tell me it gets better...please tell me its easier each time a tooth come in.

I am stressed, tired, sore, and moody thanks to this stinking tooth that I swear is mocking me by moving like half a centimeter each day. I think it has a mind of its own, I hear, I hear it laughing as I watch my son cry himself to sleep. I am pretty sure today it was saying "how do you like this cough Parker has....mwahahahahaha!" Well tooth, I will tell you how I like it....but I can't say those kinds of words!

So yah, that's been my weekend.

Well that and choir and trying to find pants that will work with my new shirt I got for Easter and an outfit for Parker (it's really hard to find cute easter outfits for about to put him in a dress!).

So yah, if you see a big pile of hair on the floor - you know why!

Oh and I saw a semi full of fruit stripe gum the other day, I was pretty excited!


Carrie said...

Oh, dear. I always just hope for a break between teeth. Z usually gets 2 at once, but he's had 15 for a while now, and that 16th one will NOT come in. Thankfully, he never has any physical symptoms, but he's just a BEAR- super grouchy & fussy & whiny!!!

Eventually, it WILL get better, though. It always does. Hope he feels better soon!!!

Heatherlyn said...

hmmm. Teething is not always that difficult. But it does pass. The teeth grow in. (And then you just pray that they never need orthodontia.)

Christy said...

Welcome to motherhood. All kids teeth differently and all teeth coming in can cause different symptoms. Make sure to give him orajel or something to numb his gums up, nice cool (or frozen) wash cloth, freeze fruits and put in the mesh fruit holders, or freeze carrots and put in the mesh holder, call your ped. and find out if they think some tylenol or motrin would be beneficial for him. In truly the blink of an eye the teeth will be in and this will be a memory. Oh and nursing helps take the pain away as well, not sure if you nurse him or not. Breastmilk is amazing for so many things!