Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tidbits: Dedications, Prayers, March and Party!!!

I am getting so excited!

- First of all, we are just a few weeks away from the big March of Dimes walk. I am so thrilled. I had planned to order team shirts, but they wouldn't be in by the time I need them, so maybe I will make them myself...but how do I do that? Any thoughts on what I need to make some cute, simple shirts for my team??? There is still time to donate to our team, we are super close to our goal, so please consider donating. Simply click on the button on the right hand side and donate away. Every little bit counts.

- Our church only does child dedications once a year. Honestly, we haven't had a need to do them more, our kids ministry was pretty small, this year though, it's grown. We do them each year on Mother's Day! And this year, on May 10, we will be dedicating Parker in the ceremony. I really look forward to it! I have invited my entire family. My in-laws have planned to come for months now, but I have been very nervous to invite my family. I am not going to lie, I guess I just expect them to say no or something. Anyways, I made their invites today and I am praying that some of them will be able to come. I don't get to see them often, it's hard to plan trips and they are all busy with their own stuff, so they don't get to travel much. I understand, I do, but sometimes it sucks! Anyway, I am nervous that some won't come because it's as church or because it's a 4 hour drive for a small ceremony and then some church preaching afterwards! I am hoping that enough come that maybe I could do Parker's birthday with them here. That would be awesome! Please pray for my family, that they will have the time and ability and desire to come. This dedication is so important to me. I want Parker to grow to know and love the Lord and I want to raise him in a Christian home with lots of love!

- Come to think of it, on the praying part, pray for me. I recently posted about being in a funk, still am, but feeling some what better. I am really dealing with though some mothering issues. I am going through a "I hate that I have a preemie" period. I by no means hate my son, in fact, he keeps me going, but I just struggle sometimes with his challenges and remembering that yes, he's 10 months, but developmentally, he's 7.5. I am scared that because he doesn't babble yet, he will never babble. I just need some peace!

- Mark your calendar friends: May 30th - Parker's 1st Birthday Party!!!! I am going to have it here at the club house at my complex and also plan that we have a fun time at the playground that's beside it. I am thinking of maybe Elmo Party (or just seasame street) and doing a fun scavenger hunt out side at the playground and surrounding area!!!! Not sure though yet, it's just basic thoughts! I am planning to invite my "family" at church; i.e. life group friends and their kids, other's I know who are friends with Parker. Maybe my family can't be here, but at least my church family can be and I love them and I know they love Parker! I may do a some other's too, I am thinking of inviting a couple of Parker's preemie buddies we met at Riverside and a few friends from Cincy. I have a lot to plan and want to do it on the cheap! But I also want to really enjoy my baby's first birthday!!! He's like, awesome and stuff!

Ok, well, I am going to go, Parker and I are meeting daddy at the mall he works at and we are going to get Easter outfits!


Ali said...

Let me know how I can help with the party - invitations, crafts, food, activities - whatever! I love parties, I love to plan them, and I love helping with them.

CrisB said...

Me too, me too! Let me know how I can help with the party in any way!! As for the "funk" girl those come and go as the journey of mommyhood continues. There are still times, when I am having a rough day with Noah, that I think to myself I wish he was just normal. How awful that makes me feel as a mom to even think that. But I know that God has given me Noah and you Parker because we are exactly the mommy's that they need. God put Parker in your loving hands because He knows you are the mommy Parker needs. Hang in there sweetie and just love on that little bundle. Parker is right where he needs to be! With his wonderful mommy!! Love you bunches and I am praying for you!

Heatherlyn said...

I'm glad you have your church family. My SIL has all of her 7 siblings and parents nearby and I think she still prefers her church family! I know what a great support that can be!

Carrie said...

Yeah, I echo CrisB in that 'funk's are just a part of motherhood. :) Just like they're a part of life. You know what - I used to read all those developmental things, and they would say stuff like, 'Your baby is probably crawling all over by now' and I would be like, 'NO, he's NOT!!! What's wrong with my child!!!' and he was born on his due date, so I think being concerned about that is second nature to us - and Z never babbled that much either. :) Totally understand what you're going through, and I'm praying for you!!! :)

Carrie said...

ALSO, I remembered the other thing I was going to say:

I know Parker's been teething/sick lately, and not sleeping well, which means you & Drew haven't been sleeping well either. Whenever I'm tired, it's always SUPER easy to get in a 'funk' as you said you are. Sometimes if I realize that there's a physical cause like tiredness, hormones, etc, it's easier for me to deal with my emotions & have some perspective in the situation. And I hope he feels better soon & you guys can get some rest, too! :(