Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parker Update

You know, I realized that I haven't updated much about Parker recently at least not in great detail, so I thought, hey, what a great entry for me to write since I am working on stuff related to him.

Well, he is now a 10 month old. Wow, did I just say that, 10 months? Holy cow! Where in the world did the time go? He turned 10 months on March 29th (Sunday!) He is just getting so big, he is well over 14 lbs now (not sure of the exact weight) and he is long! His hair is coming in more, he's getting chunky some too.

Developmentally (based on his adjusted age of a little over 7 months), Parker is doing well (in most areas!) He is killing it in the gross motor, fine motor, and problem solving areas. He is struggling in communication and personal social area. I mean, he "talks" he doesn't babble though. He likes to screech and basically go "mmmm" "aaaaaa". We need to start helping him to work on the consonant sounds. He can sit on his own, but is still wobbly so we almost always put a boppy behind him. He's getting to the point where it's just there to kind of catch him. He rolls ALL over the place and can get up on all fours. He hasn't crawled yet, though I did notice him kind of scooting back today and he is been attempting to go from all fours to sitting...except that he always falls over! He stand pretty well too, now, obviously you have to hold him, but I have stood him against his exersaucer and he has done pretty good staying standing!

In the food area, he is still on his formula (has to be till he is one because he needs the calories due to his low birth weight.) We have introduced him to the sippy cup, he loves to chew on it but I am not sure he gets that he can get water out of it. He isn't allowed to have juice until he is one...I forget why but the doctor told us not too, but he doesn't want him on it. He doesn't eat food you need teeth for...obviously, since he has no teeth. He loves his baby food though...eats it like a pig!

Oh and today, Parker is cutting his first tooth, which would explain the fussy funk he's been in. I felt it today and can see it breaking through. It's so weird that he is old enough to even have teeth. It seems so unreal!

I am starting to plan Parker's birthday. Ok, well, but plan I mean find a place to have it. I wanted to rent a shelter at a park, but I kinda am waiting until last minute to get it sadly, so looks like I might have it at the apartment club house here. I am thinking May 30 or 31st...I need to kind of put feelers out there to the guests to see if one of those days would be better than the other. I wanted to try to have it up closer to where our church is, because we kind of live out of the way for most people, so hopefully i can find something. That's all I have planned. I have no idea what else I would want...theme, activites...ect.

Parker is really becoming a little man, it's just so hard to believe! My baby is growing up!

Please pray for Parker's development please, that would be great!


Heatherlyn said...

10 months is a wonderful age! Enjoy it!

Carrie said...

Wow - that's wonderful that Parker's doing so well developmentally - I will continue to pray for his growth, but it sounds like he's doing super well!!! :) Don't worry too much about the talking, especially, every baby comes along at a different rate, and boys are slower at talking than girls anyway. :) At 7 months, I don't think Z had said too much more than Parker has & he talks a lot now. :) Have a great day!