Friday, May 29, 2009

My Miracle Turns 1!

A Photo Reflection:
5-29-08, My sweet little miracle was born weighing 2lbs 3ozs with a length of 14.5inches -

6-29-08, Parker turns 3 months old! He spent a total of 69 days in the NICU, coming home Aug. 5. At 3 months he weighed 6lbs 8.5ozs and was 18 inches long -

11-29-08, Parker is 6 months old! He weighs 9lbs 13ozs and was 22.5 inches long -

2-29-09, Parker is 9 months old. He weights 13lbs and is 24.5 inches long -

5-29-09, my little miracle turns 1!!!! He weighs 15lbs and is 27in. long! Seriously, not too shabby for a such a lil man!

I think I need to pinch myself because I am still in disbelief that my little baby is now 1 year old! How does that happen? I feel like it went too fast, I want to cry, but also celebrate that he is 1!!! This baby who came a little too early and weighed only 2lbs is now a 1 year old crawling, drooling, babbling, ball of fun! I wish I could remember this past year! Some of it seems a blur, most of it is forever written in my heart. What a year it has been....

A Word Reflection:
May 29, 2009 changed my life. My son was born 11 weeks early and did not get to come home with me. He spent time in the NICU, making nurses fall in love with him, making others smile and showing his momma what faith in God and His will is. It wasn't easy to spend all summer watching him grow from outside the womb, but it was made a little easier because of the love and support of many many people. In July, I made a difficult decision to stop pumping, knowing that it was not the best to continue because I never was able to produce much milk. Parker came home Aug. 5 and I can remember thinking I must be nuts not to have machines or nurses at home with me. I have learned a lot and learned to trust my momma gut.

To look at Parker today you wouldn't necessarily know he was a preemie. He is little, which may make it obvious, but he has developed so well. He has three teeth now, crawls, babbles, eats solids (loves him some Cherrios!), pulls himself up on things, can stand up by himself for like 5 seconds. He really wants to walk! It's crazy.

A Thank You:
I have to say thank you to so many people. To name them all would take way to long and I would end up forgetting someone. But I do want to say thank you....

Thank You Riverside NICU staff - each of you touched my family in a different way and I greatly appreciate all you did for Parker during his stay. We do miss you, but obviously are thankful to be home! Thank you for supporting us and for giving us for advice if we needed it. Thank you so much for loving our son and treating him like one of your own children! To the doctors and nurses who took care of me during my stay, THANK YOU! You literally saved our lives and I am so blessed to have been a such an amazing hospital. To my OBGYN and to Parker's pediatrician: Thank you for being such great doctors. To Dr. M, my doctor, thank you for all the care you gave me when I was sick. To Dr. D, Parker's doctor, thank you so much for not thinking I am a nut for all the questions and fears I have. Thanks to both of your staff's as well!

To my family and friends: your love and support in this past year has meant the world to me! To my family - thank you for all the assistance you have given us. We appreciate so much what you do for us! And to my friends, A HUGE THANK YOU! Thank you for the car rides, the food, the hugs, the shoulders to cry on, the phone calls, the gifts, the help, the babysitting, the love you have shown us. We are so truly blessed by the friends we have. Each of you means so much to us, and we could never repay you for all the help this past year. It hasn't been easy for us, our family's live in other states and you all have stepped in to make us feel like we have such a huge extended family. We love you all so dearly.

To my readers: thanks for following this story and my life so far. I hope that I will have more to share with you in the next year and I hope to reach out to so many others. Thank you also for your support, I know there are times I come on here to blog and vent and I just want you to know that I always appreciate your advice and love!

To Parker: I love you more than anything! I love you deeply and truly, unconditionally and forever! You are my inspiration and my light! You make my happy and you make me smile!



Carrie said...

YAY - Happy Birthday, Parker!!! What a big boy!!! God does such great miracles in our lives, and I'm so thankful that Parker's doing so well!!! Have a great party! :)

charles.northern said...

Denise - Your blog is wonderful. As Parker's grandfather, I especially appreciate your faithfulness in chronicling his (and your) life. I am so proud of you!

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Heatherlyn said...

He is SO SO cute!