Saturday, May 30, 2009

You Make Me Sick!!!

Today the topic for small talk six is: 6 things that make you sick, but you eat them anyway! I wish I could make this post a little more pretty, but I am typing it out fast since I am getting ready for mom's night out.

1) Papa John's Pizza - Not sure why it makes me sick, but I always have a tummy ache the day after.
2) Twizzlers - Stinking love them! But if I eat to many, I am not a happy camper.
3) Steak - another one that baffles me, don't know why it makes me sick but it does.
4) Banana Peppers - probably not good to eat these when I can get terrible heartburn easily!
5) Skittles - again - not to sure why they can make me sick.
6) Chipotle - ok, so it doesn't make me sick so much as it kind of runs with the Banana Peppers - terrible heartburn!

It actually was hard for me to come up with six, mainly because things that make me truly sick I don't eat.


Becca said...

Interesting list. Papa John's is a special treat for me since we don't have one here, I would be sad if it made me sick.

Heatherlyn said...

Coke. It eats up my insides. I drank it when I was trying to stay awake for my bar review class a very long time ago. I think it took me 6 months to fully recover. That stuff is acid. I tried one about 2 months ago and completely regretted it.

Anything that keeps me awake in general. The Monster Drinks do a good job if I need to stay awake but if I drink more than 1/2 of the can I just feel weird.

And how about this one? Any type of real meal supplement drink. Not the slim fast. They must not have enough nutritional value. But anything really packed like ensure makes me REALLY sick to my stomach. I'm not sure why.

babyrocasmama said...

Steak makes you ill?? Oh no!! I am irish AND Southern...steak, potatoes, cheese and some fried foods are staples. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't eat a nice, juicy steak.

Marla Taviano said...

I would LOVE it if you'd help me assemble goody bags!

And I got the books at Holcomb's Know Place (teacher store) in Westerville. It was such a God thing. I wanted to get him something fun and didn't have much money. They were HUGELY on sale. (I got the last ones.) And they're about the Bible! And animals! :)