Thursday, July 16, 2009

A P-town Update

I just want to share some good news about Mr. Parker! - We had an appointment today and he weighs in at 16.5lbs and was 17 inches long! It wasn't a dr.s appointment but for our WIC - we use wic to be able to afford his special formula, which he continues to remain on Neosure (specially made for preemies) and to be VERY honest, there is no we we could afford to buy the amount he drinks (- not for 16+ dollars a can, which we go through 3-4 a week). He continues to try to walk on his own, but falls. We also had an appointment with our EI yesterday and she said he is doing GREAT developmentally. He is above in all areas, though some are just above the cut off. We are still planning to go to OT, but Parker is doing GREAT - good for a worried mommy to hear!

He really is quite the acrobat. He loves to climb, get underthings and test boundaries. Time out's are very interesting with a 13 month old. In a little less than a month, Parker will be 12 months adjusted - which is just crazy to me. And on Aug. 5, we plan to celebrate that fact he's been home a year! I wrote this the other day, but I had to run to Parker's Dr's office to pick up something and I took the back way since the highway is pretty much blocked, anyway, about the last 3 ish weeks parker was in the hospital I took that way when they were working on the same highway. Anyway, we get up to the intersection to go in and just like old times, I get in the lane (the light is red and it's a left turn lane). I realize, hey, I don't have to go see Parker, he's in the back, babbling on and on and doing his happy screeches. That's when it hit me, it's been almost a year since I had to go visit him there. I no long have to eat their overly expensive food, I no longer have to hear the beeping sounds of monitors. My son is no long this little tiny little baby!

Well, hope you all have a good day!

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Carrie said...

It is amazing how fast it goes!!! And, wow, how things change in a year, it's true. ;) Glad Parker is doing so well.

And you don't need to apologize for getting WIC - we get it too & lots of people I know do - it helps us afford the food that we need for our little ones. :)