Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Stuff

- First of all, I have to tell you all that Parker took his first step on Friday! I was sitting on the floor while he was playing and I picked him up and stood him up a few inches from me. (He can stand on his own without holding on to things) Next thing I know, he picks up his foot and takes a step forward and immediately falls into my arms. It was awesome! Yay bubba!

- I need prayer - I am praying about a few things - 1) Going to Cambodia: I am planning on doing it, I just need prayer to bring me to peace about being overseas, in a new country, several hours flying, being away from Drew and Parker. ANXIETY anyone? and 2) Prayer for getting in better shape. When I do go to Cambodia (thinking Feb?) I would like to be in better shape so that I am not killed by the heat and the activity. I already do mommies and munchkins 2 times a week, I want to start going out and walking on my own. Now that I have my iphone, I can use it as an ipod and I had Drew put a couple of playlists on it for me that will motivate me. 3) A Job - while this is no where near official - I know I should start praying now. There may possibly be an opportunity for me to get a part time job with my church - now I am not 100% sure on it...I don't know when it will happen...I don't know if I will be offered. I guess I just want prayer that God would open doors (either at church or other places) because the truth is, we could use an income from me...even if minimal. I am not ready to put Parker in a day care so I hope and pray I can find something that would allow me to bring him with me to work or work from home.

- My Zoo - do you use facebook? Do you know of this application? Oh my gosh, I am addicted to it. You basically build and manage your own zoo. I wish I earned more money faster...I'd like to know how my step sis has 8 million dollars to play with.

- Big Brother - any other fans out there? If there are I will rant later about it, if not, I won't make you read it!

- My week - it's looking like a busy week. I have mommies and munchkins tues, and then a leah sophia party I am hoping to go to. Wed Parker has an in home visit with his Help Me Grow case worker (She didn't lose her job in recent cuts PTL), Thursday we have a WIC appointment, then that night we are attending a dessert thing in which we will get to talk to Jen, our missionary in Cambodia that is currently home on furlough. Friday I am going to go to a local preschool concert thing with some friends!

- Apologies - I am sorry I have been lacking in updates - the truth is I feel like I am in a rut. But, I am hoping now that my moodiness and depression are under control I will be able to focus and write more frequently.


Heatherlyn said...

First step! Hooray!!!!

Cambodia! Wow! You are brave. That is very far away. Good for you! I think a little anxiety over that type of trip is healthy and normal. But you will be so glad that you went once you get back. :)

Carrie said...

Wow, thinking of getting a job, that's tough. I hope you can find something where you can work at home, flexible hours, because now that Parker's active, I can attest to the fact that taking him to work with you will NOT be a picnic. :) I loved taking Z to work with me last summer, before he was mobile, but since he's been walking, it has been crazy. He is just into everything. I just feel like I can't concentrate on him and my job & do a good job at both (or either) sometimes. I am actually going to be quitting to stay home in August (5 weeks!) and I can't wait. :) So, anyway, not to discourage you, I'm sure the income would be nice, but bringing him to work with you might frustrate you, as it sometimes does me, so I'll be praying about your decision, and hope you can find something that will work well! :)

4cunninghams said...

Yay for first steps!
Oh, and I LOVE Big Brother!