Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Broken Heart

***First let me say, thank you to those who left me encouraging comments yesterday. I am doing much better today...but I don't want to type about me...someone else is in much dire need of prayer right now.***

Yesterday I told you about a sweet little girl, Faith, who was just diagnosed with an aggressive inoperable brain tumor. Today I am sharing with you again her blog and her story.

Because it seems to be getting worse.

And my issues are so trivial compared to those of this family.

Her family seems to have a great faith in God (praise the Lord) but are obviously hurting. The most recent update at her blog has absolutely broken my heart this morning. I am crying for this family, praying even harder and hoping for a miracle.

My friend Marla's daughter goes to school with Faith and their school is collecting words of encouragement to make a book for this family. Please stop by her blog post Much and leave your words of love and prayer's for this family. Marla will print them out and make sure they get to be read by this family.

And will you please share this on your blog if you felt lead? Or like I said yesterday, on your twitter, facebook or wherever you'd like.


Jess said...

so puts my life in perspective. Each day is so important. Thanks for sharing this denise

Marla Taviano said...

Thank you, Denise.

Christy said...

Thank you for sharing Faith's caringbridge page, as a bereaved cancer mom, I am most definitely praying for this whole family and little girl and praying for a miracle as I know they can happen, most of all that GOD will make it clear to them in each decision because it's never easy no matter what they decide. With Christ though, they will get through every day.