Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting to know me 3- The Answers

1) I have been pulled over 3 times and only received one ticket out of them.
2) I have been bit by an ostrich.
3) My first job was working at McDonald's.
4) I went to college to major in early childhood education.
5) I went to a Christian college.
6) Drew proposed to me on my birthday at my birthday party

1) TRUE - I have only been pulled over 3 times and have only gotten one ticket. The first time I EVER got pulled over was 2 days before 9-11, I was on my way back to Cincy from Warsaw Indiana to head to school, I was in Dayton and I got pulled over for speeding. The other two times were in Warsaw, one was for speeding, but I honestly didn't know the limit and I was sick and trying to get home from work and the other one was that I didn't have my headlights on. I thought they were automatic (I was driving a new to me car) and yah, they weren't.

2) TRUE - I have been bit by an ostrich. At the Ft. Wayne Zoo I was like 8 or 9 I believe, I put my finger through the fence, didn't realize there was an ostrich underneath the walk way I was on, he poked his head up and bit me. My dad didn't believe me - he put his finger through, got bit. It was funny!

3) FALSE - My frist job was de tasseling corn and it SUCKED! I worked for like a month then quit. I then worked at Hart's B&K (its kinda like a sonic) and then Hardee's and the the YMCA before I headed to college. I didn't have a ton of jobs in High school.

4) FALSE - I majored in Children's Ministry and Biblical Studies. I still have a year left, some day I hope to actually have my degree!

5) TRUE - I went to Cincinnati Christian University

6) FALSE - I did get proposed to on my birthday, but it was at the zoo. We had gone to see Rupert (from Survivor) waited in line for like 2 hours in the hot sun. Got within about 3 feet of the doors and they cut the line off (there were maybe 15 people ahead of me and I was that close to getting in. I was LIVID, I cried and walked away. We stopped to sit close to the exit and he asked if he could make my day better. I said yah. He handed me a card, and he's written will you marry me in it. I laughed like 10 minutes before I said yes.

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