Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Being Overweight Sucks

You know what, I am sick of being overweight, sick of it. And also, I am mad - because I gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks...

Ok so my doctor thinks it was mainly due to the change in my meds, but still...it makes me so frustrated.

So I need to start eating better and lesser (ew - awful grammar). I think I am going to do Weight Watchers, I did it about 5 years ago and just did it on my own time, didn't pay for meetings or online stuff, just got all the information I needed and did it. It was nice...because 1) I can't afford to pay for meetings or online stuff right now, 2) I can do it on my own and how I want to...of course keeping to all the basics, but at my pace without stressing.

So have you or do you know anyone who's done it? Tips would be helpful. I have to start researching everything again...

Fun times.

Here's to me getting thinner and feeling better about myself!

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Ali said...

Can you do the online trial and get started that way? I think it's free for a week or two. Dottie's Weight Loss Zone website has tons of restaurants and the point values. And if you can get a WW calculator, you should be able to find the point values of almost any foods.

I've been doing WW for 2 months and LOVE it!