Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The State of Things


So, I am - um, ok. I guess that is the best way to put things. The past 2 months have been HARD. Lots has happened in a short short amount of time. Marriage problems (no details to share) that are getting solved, family stuff: My brother graduated high school, my step dad died 4 days later and we had to rush back to Indiana, being there for my mom, ect.

I am also seeing a therapist too. Have been for 2 months as well. She is amazing, it's a christian counselor and she is really helping me. I have been "diagnosed" with Adjustment Disorder with depression and anxiety. Yup, I am a hot mess. But I am doing well. I am slowly but surely working through things one day at a time. 

So I am relaxing and trying to enjoy my summer. I took time off from work (I work for my church) for the month of July and am just trying to allow myself to heal and sleep and rejuvenate. Which is also why I haven't blogged a whole lot. I am sure you understand. 

I am getting new glasses in a couple weeks! So excited to finally feel refreshed. We head to vacation in Buffalo @ Drew's parents on July 29th. Our 5 year anniversary is Aug. 6 and we get a nice night away in Ithaca! 


He is doing well. We are both going through a lot. His job is great and I adore that he works as hard as he does. 

Not really sure what else to say about him.


Oh my word. He is quite the 2 yr. old. Full of energy and spunk and climbing and tantrums and attitude. Parker is now in a big boy bed full time. He is talking all the time...even getting three word phrases in. I am struggling with how to best discipline him and love him and teach him right from wrong. This sunday he moves into the two year old room and out of the's so hard to believe that he is that big. 

I hope you all are well. God is good! 

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Carrie said...

It's good to hear what you're up to! :) I'm sure this is a stressful time for you - you've had so much going on, and believe me I understand about hubby's who work a lot AND about two-year-olds!!! And the whole discipline thing? Yeah, I pretty much wonder whether I'm doing anything right on a daily basis, too! Thanks for sharing what you're up to! Looking forward to seeing you before too long!!! :)