Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Parenting Failures for 9-29

I just have to share with you how frustrated I am today by being a mom.

1) I took Parker to a new park today, it's pretty close to our house and is in a quiet area and since we've been stuck inside the past couple days I wanted to go. First, there were huge puddles at the end of the slide, no big deal, I had extra clothes. But what happened before we left, well it stunk!

There is a little pond at the park and I happened to see a blue herring, my mom's favorite kind of bird. Parker was playing with a new little friend (who I realized as I left was my doctor's son...). I took my camera out and proceeded to take a picture to send to my mom. I was taking the picture and had just gotten done when I heard splashing....I turn to my left a bit and I notice my son walking into the pond. I was humiliated. I stopped him before he got to far and got him to come out.

Argh - failure...

2) We got home from our wet park play and I stuck parker in the bath. we got done and I got him out and dried him off. I opened the door and bang - Parker was right behind it and he now has a nice red spot on his head.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be a mom...I am 0-2 today! Ouch

Look a little later for my tot school post...and tomorrow a fall post!

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Carrie said...

Oh my word you are NOT a failure! And you are not 0 and 2 - think of all the GOOD things you've done for him today - the bath, for one, I wouldn't have given Z a bath, so you're ahead of me! And I bump into my kids all the time (on accident, of course)! I am such a klutz!!! :(