Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tot School Prep

Well, I am finally getting around to this post. I am trying to stay motivated to do my I know I have fans to impress ;) Kidding, but I do want to share with my readers what's up in my home!

As I stated recently, I am going to be starting tot school with Parker. I am starting next week (new month, new school!) My weekly schedule will look something like this with Parker.
Monday: Tot School 10-11ish am
Tuesday: Tot School 10-11ish am
Wednesday: Library Story time: 10 am
Thursday: Mommies and Munchkins: 9:30 - 11am
Friday: Tot School special day 10-11ish am

Tot school will consist of a weekly letter, color and shape as well as monthly verse and song and a daily activity (which could be a color page, craft, outing...who knows...)

Now on Wed and Thursday are my normal things I do, I find it important to get Parker around other kids, so we do library story time and we do my walking group/play group on thursdays....these will remain the same.

Wanna see some of my supplies I have (so far...)
These are the overall things I have. I have been saving coloring sheets/activity sheets I get at the library or out and about. I have color books that I can copy pics to color out of. I also have my weather board, my color board that I cut down and some shape cards I found at 1+1+1=1. I also have flash cards that will be what I use for the letter of the week....
So above you can see the shape cards I made....I went to Staples and had them laminate those, my weather board and my color board. I then took velcro and put it on each piece and each card so we can work on shapes and pictures. 
Here you can see the weather board I got at a teacher supply store for a few bucks, the coloring books I got at dollar tree and the flash cards I got at the Michael's 1 dollar bin. And then the velcro and the sticky putty stuff I use to attach the stuff to my white lesson board.
And here you can see the pre-color board. I really wanted to make colors easier for parker so I cute each of the squares out and then will use them for each new color we learn.
And here is what I have done so can see clearly the weather board here. Also, you can see my lesson board. I will eventually have name tags that say LETTER and SHAPE and I will have posted on there the verse (which this month is God Made the Animals - the same as PArker's verse in church!), a song and then a pocket for his activities for the week I think...

I know one craft Parker and I will be doing - this fall one here. Actually 1+1+1=1 is the creator? of tot school and my friend Carrie  is the place I saw it first...I really like the idea and now that we are cutting out TV I want to really work with Parker. 

I still have some supplies to get...and I know eventually I will have a really structured schedule, but for now, even this structure will do. I want Friday's to be special tot school days, where we maybe make a special treat that goes along with something we learned, or we have a blue party or something...

I am planning to get books to read that go along with my different color, letter, shape, ect.

So yah, this is my official first Tot school post...all tot posts will be done Saturday and linked on 1+1+1=1 on Sunday.


Carrie said...

Wow, I love your ideas! :) I LOVE the weather chart you found - LOVE it! And all your ideas sound great - I thought about doing a color for each week or month but never got around to it - great job on planning, I'm sure Parker will enjoy your activities! :) I loved that fall craft you linked to today - I bookmarked it to use sometime soon, too! :) I think your ideas sound awesome, I love that you included the mornings you're out into your weekly routine! I also love how you know Parker well enough to know how much he will be able to absorb & you modified your activities for that - great job! I can't wait to see how he likes it all! :)

Kristen Andrews said...

I did a class similar to this w/ my kiddo it was a lot of fun and helped prepare him for preschool