Friday, October 1, 2010

Meme Friday #3

Another Friday another day of my 2 favorite meme's!

The Rules: Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.
Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!
Recently all I have been wanting is pumpkin. I love pumpkin, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin spice latte, ect. ect. So my question is:
What is your favorite way to eat pumpkin? If you don't like pumpkin, what's your favorite fall treat?
Your turn, head over to An Island Life to answer her question and link up! 

1. Did you have a pen pal when you were little (or now)? Where were/are they from?

I don't remember if I did or not, but would guess if I don't remember than probably not.

2. If you could do a different job for one day, what would it be?

I love my job, seriously. I am a stay at home mom and work for my church from home! I wouldn't change a thing.

3. Do you remember your biggest fear from when you were little?

Haha, yah, people dressed up in costumes (p.s. still have it!)

4. What do you think is a waste of time? Why?

Worrying - (even though I do it). It doesn't do you any good, makes you feel like crud and ends up normally not even being something you should worry about!

5. What is the oldest item you have in your closet?

I am not sure, but I know old thing is a sweater I have. My friend was killed in a car accident and I had her sweater and asked to keep it and her parents let me! It smelled like her and I still hug it when I miss her.

Your turn, head over to My Little Life and link on up! 


Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

pumpkin bread definitely!

Stacy Uncorked said...

My favorite way to eat pumpkin is pumpkin pie, pumpkin rolls, and pumpkin latte - and I love to bake the pumpkin seeds for a crunchy snack! :)

Aloha: Haloween Dress-Up

I am Harriet said...

Pumpkin seeds make me happy :)

Have a great Friday!

Auntie E said...

In a muffin or bread.
My Aloha Friday link-October fun

The Social Frog said...

I love making Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Spice Cookies!

Linda said...

Oh what a precious thing to have that sweater to hug when you are missing your friend. I lost a niece when she was 20 years old and I would have loved to have one of her sweaters to hug.

I liked your other answers too.

This was a fun blog hop and I have enjoyed meeting new friends.

Have a great weekend in "Mommy Land".

Linda @ Truthful tidbits

Gayle said...

Worrying definitely isn't productive!

JamericanSpice said...

Pumpkin..I have not eaten in so many years.

My fave treat is pecan pie.

Alysha (Supermom) said...

Pumpkin pie!!!! :)

Whimsical Creations said...

I love pumpkin pie.

Tammy said...

I love pumpkin bread and there are some great WW recipes out there for it.

Renee said...

To answer the question about favorite ways to eat pumpkin...I have to say, my mother's pumpkin cake or her special pumpkin cookies (the cookies are a pumpkin batter with nuts, chocolate chips, and raisins - I know it sounds kind of odd, but I love them!).

Robin said...

Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I'm following you too and look forward to reading more.
I haven't had it in years but pumpkin bread is great. Right now my fav fall thing is this pumpkin kefir drink beside me. lol. Yum!
Have a great week!

~ Noelle said...

you know, i was just thinking today ...
i wonder if i like pumpkin...
maybe i will try a pumpkin pie