Monday, December 6, 2010

lazy monday

No menu plan monday today actually. Things are so busy and hectic right now, I think our menu is going to consist of...whatever we have in our pantry and fridge. In fact, I won't be doing it next week either because these next two weeks are BUSY!

This week I have meetings and practices and will be heading to Warsaw for literally about a day for my Pastor's funeral service. My pastor of the church I grew up in passed away last night after a long hard fight with pancreatic/liver cancer. Assuming weather cooperates and we figure out $$, Parker and I will be heading to warsaw for Pastor Ronnie's calling hours and funeral. I don' know when this is, but I am guessing Wed/Thur. Please pray for Ronnie's family: DeeAnn (his wife), his son and daughter, daughter in law and grandchildren. Pray for the many friends and his church family at First Christian Church, Warsaw. Pray for me as Parker and I got to Warsaw - its a 4 hour drive and just the two of us....

Other than that, not much to update you on. WW is frustrating me, I gained again this week. I am so discouraged. I have come lovely friends pushing me and giving me advice and love, but I am just at a point of trying to figure out what to do.

sorry for no menu plan, I know you enjoy it - or maybe you don't! Depending on how this week looks I may not do my Thursday or Wednesday posts. I am sure you understand!

Thanks readers!

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Ali said...

EVERYONE plateaus. EVERYONE. Give yourself some grace. A couple of weeks to settle and then your body will adjust and get goin' again. You look amazing. AMAZING.