Monday, February 14, 2011

Ikea Finds!

Some of my sunshines have been asking me what was purchased at Ikea....well, I didn't take pictures, however, I am going to snitch some off the Ikea site and show you some of my favorite purchases.

1. Dishes!!!!!
So this series is called Dinera - and I love it, it's a chocolate brown and we got an 18 piece set for 14.99. We looked for glasses, but I really want acrylic since Parker seems to break glasses all the time (he helps with dishes....I am a lousy manager in that!) Anyway, I really like these, eventually I may want to get one more so we can serve 12, but we don't often have 12 (we rarely have more than 5 or 6 people here so we should be good!

2.) Pillow and Throw
We eventually want to completely re-do our living room (well no not completely, we love our new entertainment center we got for christmas.) We are loving chocolate colored stuff, so we will probably do a primary color of chocolate and then some punches of color! It's a slow start, but hey. its a start.

3) Decor

So above first you see the mirrors we got for Parker/our guest bathroom. We desperately need stuff on the walls and we have one picture already, so now we are doing to do those mirrors and try to add some other things over time. (Note the whole - over time wording through-out!)  Next you see the frame we got. Drew and I are both aspiring photographers - so last summer when we took a trip to Ithaca, New York, we took a lot of pictures of some of our favorite spots, those pictures will go in the frames (once we print them of course!) And finally - some of the cutest vases! I want something bright and cute for Parker's bathroom, so we got the blue one and then we got a black one for out here in the Living room. 

We also purchased some other random things (some towels for instance) and pillow for our bed and I think that's about it...

We really enjoyed ourselves! And I got some killer ideas for other things I want  - but we can't afford everything right now! (oh how I wish I could *sad face*)

Best Valentine's Day ever!


Anonymous said...

You will looove the pillows! They are also very easy to spot clean- thank goodness! I love it all! So fun!

Ali said...

AWESOME!!! Love the brown. LOVE.

Jennielle said...

I love the chocolate brown colors and those dishes rock. I'm so jealous of your steal of a find! I need to try this IKEA place out!

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

Oh, I'm an IKEA junkie. husband is very happy that the closest location is a good 45 minutes away from our home. He knows that I won't just pack up the kids and go. lol We have a shopping trip in our near future, though! Squee!!

Mindy said...

My aunt bought those dishes last month and loves them!! And we bought the polka dot pillows for our couches last fall too...I love them! IKEA is awesome and full of great finds!!!