Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sickies Have Invaded

It has been a LONG week.

Last Wednesday I woke up to a cranky 2 yr old. To me it seemed like a simple cold so we went to the meeting I had scheduled. By the time we got home, Mr. Cranky pants was Mr. Won't Stop Crying pants. I put Parker down and when he woke up he 2 hours later, he was on fire. He had a fever of 102 and couldn't really cry more than he just say there and held his throat and whimpered. I quickly called our awesome pediatrician and got an appt. By the time we got there and back to see the dr. his fever was close to 103. After an exam, it was determined he simply had a virus and that we'd have to just give him some advil and wait for it to get out of his system. His strep test came back negative so it was simply a let it work itself out. Needless to say that was a long night of holding Parker crying, trying to cool him down and keep him comfy.

Thursday I woke up and had a nice scratchy throat, not surprising really considering I had been holding a crying, snotty, sore throat mess all day Wed and did it again on thursday. Parker wasn't really better, but to say that I loved the cuddly mess of a 2 yr old was an understatement....I miss have a baby. (That's another post for another day!) By thursday night I had lost my voice, my throat was on fire and I had a cough.

Friday I woke up feeling horrible, more so than Thursday, so I called my Dr. and got an appt for asap that morning. Parker came with me and I got examined and had a strep test. The dr and I talked and she said that the test looked negative and that she'd be surprised if it changed. She chose to go out and check one more time - she came back and said - well you have strep and got me my good 'ol penicillin. Parker and I ran to the store, filled my med and came home. Friday was a long day and while my strep got better, my cough and snotty nose got worse.

Saturday was not much fun. I basically spent all day on the couch while parker played a bit and we watched movie after movie. My goal was to get good enough to go out with some friends from church for Japanese. I was bound and determined to go...I got good enough and went. It was so worth it and I was thankful.

So Sunday rolled around and Parker, Drew and I headed to church. I was "the go to person" this week in Kids Community. It went ok, but noon when church was over I was done. My throat tickled still from my nasty cough and Parker was a mess.

Today - I am ok. My throat is fine, but I still have a bit of a frog voice. Now I have a sore ear. I don't know if it's an ear infection - but I do know I haven't been sleeping well at night because of congestion and coughing. My ear feels more like it has air pressure in it then anything - but it's annoying! I also ended up sick to my stomach last night too. I got exactly 4 hours of sleep...

So to say the sickies have invaded is an understatement. Parker is getting better...I am not sure where I am. I don't feel normal yet, I am ready to just be over it all.

So don't come over - the sickies might invade you too.

Also, my husband - he's lucky, nothing has touched him...I am jealous! But it has been nice having him really help me and Parker..

Hopefully the sickies find the exit soon!

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