Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6 Month Checkup!

Well my friends, my son is almost another month older and several pounds heavier. First off his stats: weight - 9lbs 13ozs oh yah, that's my chunky monkey...this of course is huge compared to him being 2lbs 3ozs at birth! His height was 22 1/4 inches! My big big boy! Dr. D said he is developmentally right on track (even ahead of the game!), and physically he is on track for him, following his curve nicely! It's hard to believe he is just about to double digits in size! He also gets to start solids...cereal - once a day! We we will have our first attempt tonight! Pictures and a possible video will be taken! Shots are done for another month. This includes round 1 of synagis (Nov-April!) He also go the flu shot (pretty much "required" for preemies. Well not required, but they suggest you do it.) So it's done! I wasn't going to argue. I guess for preemies flu is just as scary as RSV, well if that's the case, shoot him up! Drew and I get to have ours too. Oh goody.

I am just so thankful Parker is doing so well! Pray the solids (well just cereal) goes well!

Praise God that my son is doing so well!

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Mel said...

Had to check back and so excited for your weight gain! Go Parker go!