Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh, You Know, Me and Randomness!

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Where did all the warmth go???? Now we know! Seriously, the snow came a little to fast this year, then always comes too fast! I am not a fan of the winter time or the snow. The way I see it, as long as it snows on Christmas, I am happy, the rest of the time, I could do without. Sure, it's pretty and sure, its fun to eat, as long as it isn't yellow and sure snow men are fun to make or even snow angels, but really, other than the first snow flake, I am over it.

And now with a child...oh man it's worse. It takes long enough on a normal warm day, add in the cold and you have a very annoyed me. Also, the fact that Parker is little and at risk for RSV and other horrible terrible things, I dread taking him out in the cold. But then I remember...hey, bundle him up! I am wanting to take him to the Lighting Ceremony at Easton on Friday since a bunch of my play group friends are going (its one of our meetups) and I am terrified of the cold...but I want to go for even a little bit and plan too!

Speaking of play groups, today I hosted an in home play date, it was a photo shoot one. It didn't really go as well as I had hoped. Sure, we all had a blast, but the kids did not want to cooperate. If nothing else, the kiddos got to play and enjoy some food and such (Parker, always the life of the party - slept!) But the girls and kids were here from about 10:30am to about 3:30pm. It was fun, truly. It was good to just talk as mom's! I went sanitizing crazy afterwards (thank you Lysol sanitizing wipes!) And next monday...we are going to wild lights! I am so jazzed, especially since Drew gets to join us!

Tomorrow is Parker's 6 month check up (he turns 6 mths on the 29th). I am so excited yet dreadful of it...excited because now I get to know how much he weighs and have a real answer for people and I should be able to also start cereal with him (keeping my fingers crossed). He was also supposed to start transitioning off his wedge, but that happened about a week ago when I noticed him crawling up it a bit! He does well though on his back! Also, we may be backing off the zantac. The only dreadful part - SHOTS! Not only vaccines...but his RSV shot too (which may make me feel better). I am anticipating a very cranky boy tomorrow! So I think I might lose my mind.

Sorry I haven't update in a while...been busy and such. :)

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Ali said...

Playdate photo shoot? Too cute!