Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blessings of the Week!

Here are my blessing of the week...I want to do this every sunday so that I can remember that even in the dark times, there are always blessings..even in the little things!

1) Parker is feeling a ton better and has been super happy most of the week!
2) I was able to hang out with my friend Jennielle several times this week, which also includes hanging out with my play group friends!
3) I got a mom's night out Friday night, and yesterday I got a mom's day out with my bff Mandi!
4) I got to worship God during choir practice yesterday
5) Church is awesome!
6) Jen - our mission at one of our orphanages in Cambodia was live via Skype today! I love her!

This is just a short list!

Prayer Requests for this week:
1) Parker has his 6 month check up this week (tuesday). I am a smiggin worried about his weight (not that he hasn't gained, but has he gained the right amount). He is getting his shots too, so pray he isn't too fussy!
2) Pray for Jen, our missionary with Asia's Hope that is over in Cambodia right now.
3) Pray for Drew and I, that we both don't get overly worn out.


Ali said...

What a good idea - to post your praises! Love it.

Mel said...

Hi Denise,
Just was looking at mckmama's blog and noticed your prayer request. Our twin girls were born 9 weeks early and I understand your concerns. Please know that I pray for all babies born prematurely now and will specifically ask for God to watch over your sweet angel. Blessings, Melanie