Monday, November 3, 2008

Back Home Again...In Indiana

3 words - WHAT A WEEKEND! 

As much as I enjoy seeing my family I am so glad to be back in the great state of Ohio, sitting in my living room, watching, or rather, listening to the Today show in my jammies while my cat snores on the chair and my baby sleeps in his bed. I love that I got to sleep in my own bed last night, that I get to eat my own food, that I get to be in my apartment. 

Boy did we not plan to leave as late as we did. Drew ended up going out to breakfast with a church friend to discuss some things and I slept in some and tried to pack quickly. Drew got home, we packed the car (did I mention we brought Parker's swing and like every outfit he owns?) and headed towards Indiana. What a smooth ride it was, I sat in back with Parker, just in case we had a "paci down" situation, plus, there was a bit more room for me. Parker slept until we got to our first stop, half way between here and Warsaw. We fed Parker in the Arby's parking lot, he proceeded to puke down my shirt....(guess who forgot to pack extra shirts...I had just enough for the entire weekend!) We head off and get to Warsaw in record time. It was a good time. I had to deal with my grandma dumping on me (she like to vent!) and then got to eat at one of the many restaurants on my list: Hacienda! I had my favorite meal: Chicken and Spinach quesadilla (with sour cream and guacamole of course!) We then went home and just relaxed that evening!

Slept in and got up and relaxed. Headed out to do some stuff in town. We got to take Parker to where Drew and I were married, tried to take some pictures, but realized we remembered the camera but left the batteries at grandma's in the charger! We went to Court House Coffee for a bit and talked about details regarding my transition into taking over the toddler room at church (which I want to give a name...maybe the fireflies, it kinda goes with Vista, no? Any suggestions welcome!) I got some good thinking done and not just have to really sit down and map out the curriculum I am working on writing. (I love doing this though, this is my element!) After that, I went to my sister's place of employment and showed off Parker! Next, off to Walmart (the coolest hang out spot in town!) and met my Grandma Bev there and she got to meet her great grandson for the first time. Drew and I got some things we needed and then headed over to my mom's house. She hasn't seen Parker since a week after he was born, so she got to love on him and we went to yet another fine eating establishment on my "must visit" list...American Table. I got my Gyro and Greek Salad meal! Then, on to home to hang out!

Not too much going on. Stayed home most of the day, my dad came over with my brother and we had a game night. Played some Euchre, but warning, don't be my partner, I am terrible! And then had dinner, Chinese and played Cranium. It was so much fun, I love family game night. We headed to bed at 9, I was BEAT and enjoyed the extra hour of sleep! 

We got up and headed to church at WCC, the church we went to before moving away. I miss that church. I do love my church here, seriously, I do, but I do miss WCC, that place just made my day, after growing up and going to the same church for many many years, WCC was what I needed in my life! We met my mom and her husband there and enjoyed an amazing service. We then headed to El Arerrio, my other favorite place to eat and I got my cheese enchilada's and bean burrito! After that, we got some snacks for the way home, headed to my Aunt's house so they could meet Parker! And home to Ohio we came...what a drive! Parker was incredibly fussy and I was tired and Drew was driving and I am just glad we got home in one piece.

So now here we are, back in Ohio where we are round on the ends and friendly in the middle ;) Today consists of unpacking, resting, and attempting to clean a bit. 

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Ali said...

Glad you're back. I'll be brainstorming toddler room names - fireflies is cute.
We are going to try and go to open gym on Friday - see you there???