Monday, November 3, 2008

Prayer Please

Can you all just take a moment and pray for me? I am not entirely sure what is going on, but I am just kind of at wits end and the end of my rope right now. 

Also, can you pray for Parker. I am not entirely sure what is going on with him. I am sure that part of his problem is recovering from the trip as I am not surprised if he feels a little off, but recently, like with in the past week, at night, he becomes mr fussy. Screaming and not being able to really be soothed. I don't know if maybe he is teething or what. He acts really hungry and so I feed him, he starts to suck and screams as if it hurts. I wouldn't be surprise if there may be some teeth coming in (I don't see anything at this point!) Also, it seems his reflux has flared it's ugly head again (well it's been around, but it seems to be bad again).

This is all really frustrating me because when we went to the doctor last time, he wanted us to make sure Parker ate no less than 70mls and wants him to be up to 90mls, he is a bit behind on gaining..(not a large amount) so it's frustrating because all of sudden he seems to not want more than 50 or 60 most of the time. But I don't want to force him to eat and then have him throw it up, ya know? I just don't know what to do, I don't want the doctor to yell at me for Parker's eating issues. I don't know...this being a mom thing is so hard and confusing sometimes. I mean, obviously I want to do what the doctor says, but at the same time, I want want to hurt Parker in the process. I think this might be where instincts take over...after all I am his mommy and know him better than anyone. I had to trust my instincts in the hospital and that always helped...

Just pray for me, Parker, us as we work through this! I am convinced that baby's should come out with their own personal manuel.

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Ali said...

Absolutely praying for you both. Please remember that this is what babies do. One day they can be perfectly perfect, and the next day they make you want to scream and scream and scream. And he very well could be teething - this process can start very early. And remember it is a process. It might start weeks before the first tooth even pokes up.
Praying for you both.