Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday of Randomness

***edit*** finally figured out the song - Melissa Greene - Wonder

No tips for today other than VOTE VOTE VOTE! I really don't care who you vote for, but please do so, this is such an important part of life and it is such an important opportunity and either way, God is in control! 

I voted this morning - Parker came with me and told me who to choose and I think I am going to get 100% on the test...hehe. Kidding, I voted and it was fun! I love the touch screen set up. I also loved the little lady who was pushing paper ballots...which I refused to do because I did that last time and this time I wanted to enjoy an actual machine. I also enjoyed my free Krispy Kreme donut for voting. Parker is wearing his I voted sticker! I don't like that I got up at 7am to do it, but oh well! 

Please continue to pray for Parker. He's just super fussy a lot of the time and acts hungry but won't eat. If this continues, I will probably call the doctor and talk to him and get some ideas. I don't think Parker is super sick or anything, because he hasn't had a fever or acted abnormally otherwise. I think this weekend threw him and he is attempting to recover (as am I, I am exhausted!) We got his Synagis medicine today...he will get that shot at his 6 month check up on the 18th...this is the medicine for RSV. We could administer it ourselves, but, I don't trust myself and honestly, when I saw the needle in the bag, I wanted to throw up! I am realizing that babies go through stages and am not horribly worried, just frustrated more or less!

So, there is this song I keep hearing on "The River" our local christian station. Every time I hear it, it's always at the end and the never say who sings it or what it is called. I don't know all the lyrics, but the ones I do know go something like this:
"God of faithfulness, be my righteousness have your way in my heart. God of righteousness.....(don't know these ones, but it ends) what a wonder you are."
Anyone got a clue what I am talking about and know what it is called or who sings it. I know that a woman sings it... but that's all I have!

Please join me and praying for Kayleigh Freeman today. She is a little miracle preemie who is having open heart surgery today. It began at 7:30 this morning and is supposed to take 6 hours. Pray that God is with not only her parents, but also with the doctors, nurses and even Kayleigh as she goes through such a scary scary surgery for such a little girl!

Enjoy your day! 

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Renee C. said...

I bet Parker looked adorable with his "I voted" sticker! Good on you getting out there at the very early hour of 7am - were the lines long where you were?

Hope that things will be figured out with Parker and the fussiness - will be praying for you guys. Also will pray for Kayleigh - it sounds like a very scary surgery especially for one so small.