Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Visit To Parker's 1st Home!

Today was quite a day! First of all, Parker had to go to a follow up appointment with OT at Riverside today. They basically wanted to see how he has developed and what track he is on. For his adjusted age - 3 months - he is just above average, so he is doing GREAT! For his chronological age - 5 months - he is behind, but really we are more concerned about his adjusted age. We have some exercises to work on, especially with sitting up (he should be doing this soon on his own!). Also, his hips are faced out rather than in because he slept on a wedge for several months, so we have some exercises to help them start to turn inwards! All in all though, good visit!

Afterwards, we decided since we were across the street, we would visit Parker's first home - the Children's Hospital NICU at Riverside. Can I just tell you how surreal it was to wheel Parker through the walk I did many many times while he was there. It was so just surreal because I mean, this time, this time he is with me, he isn't staying and I took him in of my own free will and got to take him home that same day. I wanted to cry. This place changed my life, these people changed my life! We got to see some old nurses and others who were always there for us! The receptionist that actually pushed Parker out when we took him home was there and was so excited to see him. We got to see some other nurses and friends and it was great! I hope to take him back again when he is even older and make sure to keep in contact with this place!

Parker is doing great and I am so proud of him and his development and I am realizing, hey, I am a pretty good mommy! :)


Christy said...

Sounds like a great drs visit and a bittersweet moment back at the Children's hospital/NICU.

God Bless

Mel said...

Yea Parker! Happy Thanksgiving!