Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Yes my friends, it is that time of week again! I apologize for slacking on this the past few weeks, but boy do I have some doozey's of confessions for always, stop by MckMama's Blogfor the rules and to read her confessions and other's as well!

What a week it has been...

I certainly did not have myself convinced that Parker had not grown AT ALL between his last doctors appointment and the one last tuesday. And this did not at all lead to me thinking Dr. D would take him from me for poor parenting.

It was not not at all more traumitizing for me then Parker to get his shots. I was not about to barf when I heard that Drew and I are to get flu shots, because it's not like I have a fear of needles and a low pain tolerance. And you would think that I would not not be scared after getting more shots and sticks while in the hospital after Parker's birth.

My son does not at all surprise me every day with how much he is grown.

I did not have to rub P's bottom to help him get some poo out, he did not proceed to almost poo on his mommy! Also Parker did not leak out of his diaper last night and I did not accidently get my finger in it when he was wiggling!

I did not at all go over to my friends house to do laundry because we have to go down to the office and their laundry room to do it. I also did not make cookies there all while talking about our play group. Did I mention that I am NOT desperate to have our own washer and dryer!?

I did not go to the Easton lighting ceremony on Friday, only to be horribly disappointed because it was NOT AT ALL freezing outside and I did not even get to see the tree lit because it did not take forever and the other kids we were with did not scream of hunger and being cold.

It is NOT weird to be watching Days of our Lives and see the actor who used to play Ethan on Passions now as Brady on Days. I did not just totally admit to watching a soap opera! I am not at all pathetic! I also do not sit here and talk to the actors about how dumb they are or scrutinize the story lines. I mean, it's not like it's fake or anything!

I am not obsessed with Once Upon a Child and did not visit it three days in a row. I am also NOT looking for a crib, toy box, bumbo, bath tub and high chair!

I am not wanting to go ahead and put up Christmas decorations today because I am not at all in the Christmas spirit!

I am not wondering if anyone could maybe make me a custom header? Because I am not at all confused on how to do it!


Deborah said...

Oh goodness, I so don't watch soap operas either. My mother told me nice christians don't--okay I do because I wanted to note that Miguel is on DAYS too. At least he's not an established character. I enjoyed reading about your sweet little miracle!

Anonymous said...

okay so the funny thing is i haven't watched days of our lives since high school, and i can still catch one episode now and totally know what is going on again!