Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Mr. Man

Today Parker had another check up! I was really anticipating as it has been a month and I am dying to know how big my little guy is getting! I got there and my friend C. met up with me because I don't like going alone when Parker has to get shots....despite the fact that needles pretty much make my hurl, I really can't stand hearing my baby cry! We got back to the room and he got weighed - a whopping 10 lbs 11 ozs. I am so happy. Dr. D looked over him and said he looks great and he is right on track! Dr. D left and the nurse came back in to administer the shots. ( He got two - his Synagis shot (for RSV) and his second round of flu vaccine.) He cried, I kept my eyes closed, C. rubbed my back, I cried a bit hearing him cry. Picked him up, he snuggled up and fell asleep. Now with the Synagis shot, we have to stay an extra 20min. to make sure that he doesn't have a weird reaction to it! We sat there in the corner and I help him and he slept and then I slept for a bit. All clear! We also get to start foods!!! YAY! Tomorrow morning we will try our first taste of baby food. (I need to buy some....I don't have any stage 1 foods! He loves his rice cereal so he had that today. Now note that he still needs to also stay with his formula too, it's not like he gets a breakfast of cereal and doesn't eat again until lunch..nope, he still gets his 4 - 5 bottles a day, plus his cereal...tomorrow it will be plus cereal AND food. I am not sure what to start with, but I am going to be super organized and write it on a paper how he does with each and such!

Last night he had his pictures taken with Santa. He did AWESOME! it was fun!

I still can't believe Parker is almost 7 months and is so big. It is just so awesome to know how well my baby is doing.

Speaking of babies: Please Please Please go to Kayleigh's Blog and pray pray pray, this little girl could use all kinds of prayers today!


Carrie said...

Ooh, I love your Christmas background! So cute!

What did the dr. say about the diarrhea? Zachary has had some viruses that caused diarrhea a couple times the last few months...nothing more serious than a cold, though.

Good luck with the baby food! Z loved squash, that's what I started with- squash and pears. If you're looking to save money, you can make your own by cutting up squash/fruit/etc & pureeing it in your blender- it saves a TON of money. I was also going to tell you that I don't know if it will matter with Parker, but sweet potatoes really bothered Zachary's tummy because of reflux, and my dr. told me to wait a while with carrots, too, because I guess they can be rough on reflux babies...but every baby's tummy is different! :) Enjoy watching his reactions to the new food! :)

Michelle said...

My girls are 10 and 13 and I still get excited when we go to the doctors office and find out how much they have grown! :)

Heather and Travis said...

Hey Denise! How exciting that Parker gets to try food! I hope it goes well. We are having major feeding issues!! Any suggestions? Glad to see the appointment went so well. He sure is a cutey!