Monday, December 15, 2008

Hello Strangers!

Well hello there friends! I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged! It's been an insanely busy time here in my life and I just have not had time to sit and write anything worthy of note out...until now of course!!!!!

What an amazingly God filled weekend. I mean, seriously, I have never felt God so strongly in a place before. Satan was doing his best to make this weekend not happen (sick cast members, power outage, rain, horrible tech run through....) but he did not prevail! Unveiled was successful, each performance better than the next, each song more powerful the more we sang. I really hope that some of you made it and were able to experience this amazing time. If not, here is a quick run down of some of the key things! First of all, we were able to have live feeds from Cambodia where we have an orphanage. We have an amazing missionary there right now (jen) and the kids were able to sing a song in both their native language and english! It was AMAZING, I cried each time. I adore those kids! I hope to some day make it over. If you would like more info, go to Asian Vista! Our kids did an amazing job as well! We were also able to do cardboard testimonies (just like in this video) I even took a huge step of faith and did one myself! Mine was "Struggling with post partum depression" my flip side: "My strength is the joy of the Lord." It was amazing to see some of the testimonies out there, all these people I have known for some time, I didn't realize some of their struggles. Those were just two of the awesome parts, there was so so much more! It was so amazing!!!!

- LIFE -
We are doing pretty good over in our house. Parker is growing like a weed and goes in tomorrow for a monthly weight check and a couple of shots. He has had a rough day today...severe diarrhea today, I mean full out, up the back, out the sides, on the clothes. He has had no other issues, no fever, no cold actions, nothing...I am wondering if it isn't because of teething, but I will discuss that with DR. tomorrow. Drew and I are both down right exhausted. I am feeling icky and would love to sleep a week.

I have missed you all, I am going to go for now, I have a lot to catch up on!


Renee C. said...

So glad that the performances of Unveiled went well! That is so exciting - I wish I could have seen it.

Poor Parker and you two - diarrhea and cleaning up are no fun! Hope that gets better and that the doctor can help.

Tara said...

Sounds incredible! I love cardboard testimonies - and yours sounds beautiful! Amen!